What happens when Rahu Mahadasha starts?

  • 2023-05-04
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The Rahu mahadasha in a person’s life is an important phase of life. Rahu dasha has a profound effect on the life of a person. Rahu has the ability to change the living habits, ideology, lifestyle and situation around the person. For this reason, Rahu Mahadasha has a very deep impact in the life of a person. The dasha of any planet is not completely bad or completely good. There is always something good and something bad about the dasha of a planet. In this context, it would not be appropriate to say that the Mahadasha of Rahu is bad for a person. According to some scholars, if Rahu gives bad results then Ketu will give good results and if Ketu is bad then Rahu will give good results, but this does not happen. If Rahu is bad in the horoscope then it definitely gives some negative results but if Rahu is good in the horoscope then it gives auspicious results.

In the dasha of Rahu, a person can get many good auspicious results. He can get fame. His identity can be established among the people around him. He may get sudden success in his life. A good Rahu is capable of giving recognition and fame to a person. During the time period of Rahu, a person also searches for the goals in life. The auspiciousness of Rahu can make a person wealthy. If Rahu is sitting in its favorable position in the horoscope, then it also gives unprecedented courage to the person. The dasha of exalted Rahu sitting in the third house of the horoscope will give success to the person in the media field. The person will have a good opportunity to get involved in writing, editing and will prove his identity through that work. Rahu dasha shows the better times in a person’s life with its auspicious results. It also has the ability to take a person from rags to riches.

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In the Mahadasha of Rahu, a person also moves towards spiritual thoughts. Rahu also shows spirituality, when Rahu is auspicious, a person does various religious works, gets activated socially and also joins many types of public welfare deeds. The auspiciousness of Rahu may also take a person towards the heights of religiousness. A person also gets a high position among all by his pious deeds. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to say that Rahu Mahadasha is bad because even if Rahu is bad, it is capable of giving auspicious results.

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