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Virgo Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Virgo Love Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility with Virgo, the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are the most appropriate signs which can go well with Virgo.


Virgo and Aries are the least compatible couple when it comes to sex life. The reason behind this that there is a huge difference between the ways Aries and Virgo behave when it comes to the conjugal relationships. For a Virgo, sexuality is something which comes gradually. A lot of understanding, expression of emotions leading to stimulation and foreplay is involved. However, for an Aries, the process is quite immediate and spontaneous. They tend to dive deep into sex without much delay. Therefore, the issue of Aries and Virgo being together is a bit complicated.

However, for a relationship to last for long, efforts should be made on both the sides. In terms of Aries and Virgo relationship, Aries can try having patience and believe in expression of feelings whereas Virgo can try being more immediate and spontaneous as too much of delay can prevent a relationship to thrive.


With Virgo and Taurus, the sexual intimacy is quite emotional and expressive. People belonging to Virgo generally feel awkward when it comes to be open about their sexuality. However, people belonging to Taurus, they are known for being patient with their partners and it is this characteristic which works best with Virgo. A Taurus makes the partner feel comfortable by their own ways providing security and catering to the complexes of the partner. This makes it easier for Virgo to enter into a sexual alliance as a Virgo has a very subtle and gentle manner of indulging in sex.

However, the elements of too much detailing and analysis on the part of Virgo might prove to be detrimental for their relationship with Taurus as Taurus might get conscious of so much analysis done about their body. This might shake their confidence in themselves. 

The sign of Virgo epitomises virginity. It is positioned as Venus fails to put an impact on Virgo. Always afraid of getting hurt or rejected in Virgo. This is the major reason as to why they do not consider sexuality to being one of the important aspects of a fulfilling relationship. They do not understand the way sex functions in a relationship. However, Taurus is governed by Venus and they consider sex to be natural and beautiful, an act which is tender and how it is sacred in itself. However, a Virgo has to come out its rigidity to understand the delicate nuances of sex as per Taurus.


The signs of Gemini and Virgo are regulated by the planet Mercury which is not that much expressive when it comes to sex. While the sign of Gemini is known for masculinity, the sign of Virgo pertains to femininity. A Gemini believes in exploration while a Virgo believes in being coy and practices curtailment. If a Gemini and a Virgo wish to together, they need to communicate and maintain a common ground so that they can carry on with their sexual life without much fuss. However, too much of communication and less of action might result in making them distant to each other. They might be soft and respectful towards each other but this might not prove beneficial to their sex life. The reason behind this lies in the fact that they are quite opposite when it comes to their innate nature. A Virgo is full of shyness while a Gemini is quite free to get naked. Up to some extent, foreplay and stimulation through talking can be done but the final result lies in mutual action.


Virgo and Cancer might have a long lasting love life. This relationship resonates at the level of emotions and reason. However, they need to be open to each other. 

For them, sex has to do a lot with emotions. Generally, Virgo is not able to express much. Their characteristic of analysis does not let them succumb to the fragile feelings of sex. They take a lot time to feel safe with their partner when it comes to make the most out of sex. On the other hand, the sign of Cancer is governed by emotions due to which they might not understand their partner’s inability to express or feel emotional. However, in order to let their bond get stronger with their partner, they need to respect differences in the natures of the people.


Virgo and Leo are known for possessing pure consciousness. This helps them in making mutual agreements. Leo is a dependable sign. They tend to depend on the partner to make them feel special. On the other hand, Virgo is not that expressive. Here, they part ways because of opposition in views. This makes their relationship quite difficult. Mutual rationality can make intimacy go in vain as there is always an aspect of dominating each other present in the relationship. 

Leo is a bit rigid and this is conducive to Virgo. However, they fail to live up to the expectations of Virgo in the light of rise of emotions before sex. It happens rarely that Virgo can open up to Leo and both of them reach the zenith of sexual satisfaction. However, too much of rationality might mar their bond.


Well, this arrangement might work well in terms of communication. However, in terms of emotional connect and sexual intimacy, they fail to strike the chord. This is because they both consider sex as not being important. As both belong to the same sign, the intensity of rationality and analysis doubles itself leading to too much of criticism. A favourable part of such an arrangement is that they share the sense of shame and are slow paced. 

Even if their sex life is not up to the mark, they might adapt to day to day changes without much complications. They are highly creative and they can make adequate changes in their lifestyle to bring about complete compatibility.


This combination is not that promising. The reason is that Virgo is Earth sign ruled by Mercury while Libra is Air sign ruled by Venus. The former believes in intellectual connect while the latter is quite active and instinctive. Libra believes in sex being spiritual while Virgo is always on the verge of celibacy. There are possibilities that they go in sync with each other but sexual intimacy fails to reach its initiation mainly because Virgo wishes to take things slow and Libra believes in speed. However, in order to let the relationship last longer, Virgo can try adapting to changes and Libra can slow down a bit. 

For optimum satisfaction, they need to find a common ground. Virgo’s critical nature might affect Libra’s self confidence leading to Libra considering Virgo as boring.


Physical intimacy in the case of Virgo has to do a lot with emotional connect. Scorpio loves the aspect of purity in Virgo. While Virgo is rational in approach and mostly prevents from expressing sexual passion, Scorpio is quite open about it and is the one who performs most of the act. All water signs are emotional including Scorpio. This is liked by Virgo. So, if they wish to have sex, they need to feel emotionally connected and fulfilled. Once, this happens, they become inseparable. If there is no connect then sex can become a loveless act for them majorly due to the position of Venus and this might lead to an unfulfilled relationship.


Virgo and Sagittarius are fun oriented. They both are quite active and demanding when it comes to pleasurable sex. These signs belong to opposing ruling planets which makes sex enjoyable for them and they feel attracted to each other.

However, the difference lies in their elemental origin. While Virgo belongs to the element of Earth, Sagittarius belongs to Fire element. This makes Virgo play safe in life while the latter believes in taking risks. This kind of an arrangement affects their sexual life and the aspect of mutual satisfaction becomes a myth for them.


When it comes to Virgo and Capricorn, they get along really well when it comes to emotional understanding. However, they both do not believe in giving in to the sexual pleasures which results in both of them not having sex. They both have patience and are quite aware of how sex functions in life. For them to have a successful sexual experience they need to be very serious about it and they do not believe in just doing the act on the surface level. Rather, they indulge in the process wholeheartedly. As both the signs are coy, they resonate with each other quite well. For a Virgo, respect and reliability are very important and if the partner has these qualities, Virgo can go a long way establishing an exciting sex life.


It is essential for natal charts to offer adequate support to sexual relationships. In the case of the signs of Virgo and Aquarius too, this plays a vital role as these are also least sexually compatible signs. This is majorly due to their different natures. Even though they are in sync intellectually, they might not get along in terms of physical intimacy.

While Aquarius is quite spontaneous in nature and is intellectually strong to understand the workings of sex, Virgo takes a lot of time to initiate and respond to physical advances. This reduces the chances of paving way for a delightful bond. Virgo is into a lot of over thinking and Aquarius finds it really boring as they believe in being fast paced. Virgo often fails to get along with the fastidious and immediate involvement oriented nature of Aquarius as Virgo is quite shy and sensitive towards being free in terms of body.


Virgo and Pisces are polar opposite signs and that is why they attract each other strongly. They both symbolize Venus’s fall which makes them quite compatible. They do not find it difficult to develop satisfactory sexual bond.

Virgo’s rational approach will be understood by Pisces and a Virgo would also respect the fear of being close in Pisces. This will help both of them to be comfortable with each other. However, it is difficult for them to establish an instinctive relationship no matter how much passion they have in their relationship.

A Pisces’s analytical bent of mind and gradual progression in the process of sex, will be liked by Pisces and Virgo will like the element of purity in Virgo wherein Virgo will considers sex as an act of love and internal feeling.

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