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Taurus Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Taurus Love Compatibility

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the signs which complement Taurus. These signs lift each other and are always in sync with each other.

Taurus match with Aries

Aries is governed by Mars and Taurus is ruled by Venus. This makes both of them sexual.

Aries is known for being fastidious in their approach while Taurus is all about patience. They look for emotional support, gentility and passion. They are artful when it comes to sex. Aries is more into the completion of sex than into its craft.

Aries needs to work on the sense of touch and sensual instincts. Taurus is not a flexible sign so the major changes have to be made by Aries more than Taurus. 

Taurus match with Taurus

Being the same signs, they are perfect for each other in the light of understanding, senses and timing. They understand themselves quite well and this helps them in understanding each other as well. They are gentle on each other and yet strong. They care for each other’s needs and demands. However, they both lack the libido which prevents both of them from initiating for the relationship. They are a bit stubborn with each other on this point which might be a reason for differences. However, they are always on the same page when it comes to get intimate, be open to each other and interact with each other. 

Taurus match with Gemini

Taurus craves for physical care and fulfilment of all the senses as it is the Earth sign. Gemini looks for the fulfilment of the intellect more than cuddling. For them love is borne out of logic and reason. This is majorly because they are the Air sign and for them meaningful interaction is must for a satisfied sexual relationship.  

Taurus is into cuddling and spending quality time while Gemini is into having intimacy at its best. Gemini can get bored of Taurus’ inclination to spend quality time. This could affect their sex life as they may not be on the same page always.

Taurus match with Cancer

These signs are not that sexual. They are more into emotional connect. For them, sex is not just an act but is spiritual and for that understanding is a must. 

Taurus is governed by Venus and stands for feminine essence. They look for physical fulfilment. They are sensitive to every sense that of smell, taste, sight and touch which offers Cancer with trust and confidence. For Cancer, proximity is a must to feel safe, secure and at the same time, vulnerable too.

However, as Mars governs them, these signs are not good at initiating and making advances. Their love for food is greater than sexual drive which might remove sex from their life. 

Taurus match with Leo

These signs tend to have an exhaustive sexual relationship. This is because they both are lazy and it takes time for them to come into the zone of passion and excitement. There is a difference in their sexual positions which might not bring them on the same page. However, mutual motivation works for both of them and help them in igniting passion and satisfaction. 

Taurus takes care of Leo’s sensual needs while Leo gives rise to passion and excitement. They both are quite aware of each other’s personal needs and accordingly look out for ways to keep the spark alive. 

They both crave for a fulfilling sexual alliance as they are masculine and feminine in nature. They do not settle for less and are equally demanding towards each other. This makes their bond quite exciting and full of love and life. 

Taurus match with Virgo

They are quite emotional with each other. They both share many characteristics that make them comfortable in being vulnerable in front of each other. Taurus makes Virgo feel easy without being much coy, which is Virgo’s inherent nature. They are good to each other when it comes to having sex for the first time as they are extremely gentle in nature. 

However, these signs focus a lot on detailing and deep analysis. This affects their sex life as too much of analysis mars the spontaneity of the act. Also, it can affect the self confidence in Taurus.

Virgo is always apprehensive of being hurt and it epitomises virginity. This fear is often not understood by Taurus as their understanding of intimacy is quite different due to the position of Venus. They need to make each other understand the different takes on physical intimacy.

Taurus match with Libra

They are different and yet are good with each other. Taurus looks for comfort and is sensitive to the senses of taste and touch. On the other hand, Libra is sensitive to sense of sight and sense of smell. They are governed by planet Venus and hence have strong connection between them. 

Taurus elevates Moon and Libra elevates Saturn. This makes Libra believe in depth and Taurus looks for emotional strength and softness. Taurus expects emotional support from Libra and Libra expects physical support from Taurus.

Despite being different, they are attracted to each other. Being feminine and masculine signs, they may reach an optimum point during sex and enjoy the blessings of the positioning of the Venus. They are gentle on each other and do not undergo much drama stress as they carry a lot of patience. 

Taurus match with Scorpio

Being opposing signs, attraction between them can be quite strong. Taurus is not known for being sexual but they are into such pleasures when they are in relationship with Scorpio. Their bond comprises passion and intimacy to the fullest. They are a rare couple to have mutual drives.

Taurus looks for love while Scorpio is voracious and depressive. This might create problems in their sex life as too much of baggage might put them under pressure. However, this can also work in their favour as myriad of emotions will be involved in their encounter. Emotions will prevail in their sexual experience wherein they will connect with each other giving rise to extreme aspects such as obsessions and addictions. 

Being rigid, both of them are quite inseparable. They are Venus and Mars governed signs. They are also Earth and Water signs which make them a perfect couple provided they keep on experimenting with each other.

Taurus match with Sagittarius

They might not get well together as they both have childish nature which does not let se to prevail much in the scene. They are delusional as well. Sagittarius considers Taurus to be lazy and lethargic. 

Being ruled by Venus and Jupiter, they can have a fulfilling sex life. These signs can aggravate each other’s sexual desire. All they need to do is to respect each other mutually. Taurus can keep Sagittarius satisfied while latter can keep Taurus happy and glee. This will make their bond quite exciting. They need to keep the act slow and fun-oriented so that the process is enjoyable for both of them and shouldn’t become a burden for them.

Taurus match with Capricorn

These signs are not flexible in their sexual approaches. This can both be good or bad for them. They might find to difficult to open themselves in each other’s presence. They find it hard to enter into experiments. They tend to get relaxed when they are in sync with each other. Capricorn does not express much while Taurus can attempt to do away with inherent apprehensions of being hurt and betrayed. 

While Taurus elevates the Moon, Capricorn descends it. This can give rise to issues borne out of emotional imbalance. Capricorn is practical, while Taurus always wants to be loved and pampered. This might implore Capricorn to drift away from the relationship. 

The difference in approach might create rifts between them. Taurus is not inclined towards Mars and hence is not aggressive while Mars governs capricorn which makes them physically string and robust. These dynamics can affect their sex life wherein Taurus may suffer through emotionless involvement and Capricorn may suffer through frustration borne out of boredom. They both can lose out on libido giving rise to a decrease in sexual desire.

Taurus match with Aquarius

They are quite the opposite of each other. While Aquarius is flexible and unique, Taurus is quite smooth, soft and believes in slow speed. There are fewer chances of these signs getting attracted to each other. They both consider each other clingy, not that fun-loving and a bit crazy. They need to indulge in various kinds of experiments in the light of sexual experiences.

They can complement each other if their opposite natures work in sync with each other. If the soft bent of mind of Taurus and the independent instinct of Aquarius fall together in a proper frame, then creativity and motivation can blossom between them. This would, in turn, provide Taurus with energy and productivity. Through mutual respect and emotional involvement, they can have a successful intimate life. 

Aquarius looks for a non-attached bond and less of emotions. Taurus looks for permanence and security. Together, they look for the fulfillment of their needs and demands though it is difficult for them to come to terms with their differences. 

Taurus match with Pisces

These signs are both inclined towards pleasure and revelry. While Taurus is all about softness, suppleness and romance, Pisces marks the highest point in the light of the generation of orgasm. It is at this point that Venus's position is elevated, full of mystery, and ultra satisfied for the sign of Taurus. These signs tend to get engrossed in each other, inspire each other, and complement each other’s togetherness with each other. 

Taurus looks for creativity in the partner. They are more concerned about the fulfillment of their physical and emotional needs. However, Pisces is more engrossed in the process to the extent of being in a state of euphoria. They are also quite observant due to which they tend to see through the Taurus's demands. They get quite surprised when they are in a relationship with Taurus as Taurus is quite loyal to their characteristics, and this also provides them with a sigh of relief.

Taurus admires the focus oriented nature and the dedication towards a sense of purpose of Pisces. This puts a positive impact on their sexual relationship. Both of them give each other what they want from each other. 

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