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Scorpio Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Scorpio Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio matches best with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.


The sign of Aries and Scorpio are quite strong when it comes to bonding. They are quite alike in terms of sexual behavior. The planet Mars rules them both and hence both are instinctual in nature However, being aggressive, they both can’t keep the aggression at bay while indulging in sexual activity. In fact, Scorpio is also governed by Pluto which makes them highly destructive and for them sex should have high intensity. Their instinctual bent of mind makes them quite sexual in nature, which is considered to be a matter of taboo in society.

The sign of Scorpio is quite complex. They are emotional internally and want their emotions to be catered; however their overtly sexual nature makes them suppress themselves. The other signs might consider Scorpios as being sexually promiscuous except Aries as they are have an open mindset. But, the relationship of Aries and Scorpio can end up being loveless and devoid of passion. The reason behind this is that oppositions govern both. While Aries is not governed by Venus, Scorpio is regulated by Venus and has deep sense of love.

These signs might end up being highly sexual if at all they manage to strike a chord. However, it is a difficult task as for Aries, sex is a physical need and for Scorpio, it is an act which requires emotional stimulation, foreplay and a bit of playfulness. Scorpio is highly creative when it comes to sex and comes up with new techniques with every new sexual encounter as well as expects the same from the partner. If there is a mutual understanding of satisfying each other’s needs and demands, they might establish a long lasting relationship.


These signs are quite opposite in terms of functioning in life and sexual life. They establish a sexual and emotional bond which is full of substance.

Their physical encounter will be quite exciting. While Taurus believes in being loved, Scorpio has an obsessive instinct of being sensual. However, there might be many kinds of burden in this relationship which might not necessarily disturb their sexual activity but might give rise to frequent need of such experiences. Involvement of emotions will enable them to have a heavenly experience which can become addiction in future. They are regulated by Venus and Mars which further makes them inseparable. While Taurus believes in experimentation, Scorpio exercises tenderness. Together, they form a power couple.


These signs are known for striking a meaningful relationship both on emotional and metaphorical levels. However, they need to have adequate support from the natal charts in order to have a long lasting relationship.

Scorpio is sexual in nature while Gemini is asexual in nature. This creates a lot of tensions between both of them. They cannot understand each other’s preferences and demands.

If at all love each other, they have to put in a lot of efforts and work for its development. Scorpio offers focus and creativity in sex life. However, their shadow self is into darkness, sadism and masochism which cannot be taken by Gemini. In order to feel in sync with each other, Scorpio can offer depth and emotional experience to Gemini and Gemini can make Scorpio understand the importance of balance in sex life. 


Being water signs, Scorpio and Cancer have a strange way of being together. While Scorpio is known for strong sexual drive as well as repression of sexual and emotional feelings, Cancer is all about empathy and expression of emotions. Cancer understands the needs of the Scorpio quite well. However, they might be affected by the aggressive nature of Scorpio which might create permanent distance between them. If the angle of fear does not arise then they might have an amazing relationship.

For them, sex is not just an act in itself. Rather, it is a way of being emotionally expressive to each other wherein they both consider the activity as being special which gives both of them sense of security.

While Cancer is governed by the Moon, Scorpio is far away from it. Due to this, Scorpio represses emotions and can be extremely insensitive towards Cancer. This can make Cancer reach their saturation point and they can leave Scorpio once and for all. 


These signs possess unbelievable sexual impulse. Scorpio is known for being highly active in terms of sex along with being emotionally involved with the partner. Leo is very warm and compassionate which makes them go for action oriented experience. Once together, it might be difficult for them to get along for a longer time due to the difference in their preferences and natures.

These signs are known to exist in extremes wherein they can either be madly into love making or may have absolutely nothing between them. Be it verbal interaction, sexual positions/preferences or need for security, they cannot get along at all. While for Scorpio, sex is an act of unrestrained emotions, Leo prefers to take it slow and demand respect. That is why; they find it really difficult to develop passion and proximity in sexual encounters. Leo believes in love being the predominant part of sex and Scorpio considers both of them as separate entities. All they need to do is to stop being controlling on each other.


Scorpio loves the aspect of purity in Virgo. Physical intimacy in the case of Virgo has to do a lot with emotional connect. Scorpio is quite open about it and is the one who performs most of the act while Virgo is rational in approach and mostly prevents from expressing sexual passion. So, if they wish to have sex, they need to feel emotionally satisfied and complete. This leads to an unbreakable bond. In the absence of emotional exchange, sex becomes just an act in itself and just for the sake of it. Venus also does not favour this couple much which might end up in an unsuccessful liaison.


These signs are exciting and difficult at the same time. They both share the element of excesses in terms of sexual satisfaction. They are governed by opposite planets, Venus and Mars which might make them appear perfect for each other. However, the Air sign Libra is quite swift than the water sign Scorpio.

They both are quite alike in terms of possessiveness, emotional needs, instinctual call and hunger for sex. This makes them quite demanding towards each other. They might have an unbreakable bond if they manage to maintain a satisfactory sexual experience. Nothing else will then matter for them. 


Being the same signs, their relationship can face imbalance as all the energy will get doubled and beyond control in this case. They can either be successful in striking sexual chords or can maintain a very good understanding, the first being more predominant. Balance is essential for Scorpio so that the instinctual, emotional and patience levels can be kept in check.

These two signs, when together, might have a highly intense sexual experience. However, the reverse can also be true. Whatever strategy they imbibe, be it that of manipulation, anger, aggression or speed, it will be same on both the sides. Instead of making their bond exciting, it might be detrimental also. They have to slow down things a bit in order to enjoy the essence of it. 


These signs are compatible for each other due to their strong character formation. This provides them with ample of confidence during sexual activity. While Scorpio is rigid, Sagittarius is creative and flexible. However, this can also work against them as Scorpio can find Sagittarius a not so reliable and the latter might find the former as too possessive and full of darkness. There might be a long lasting relationship between them if they both agree to compromise on certain grounds wherein Sagittarius can stay grounded and Scorpio can give a little more space to exist.

The emotional angle can be maintained by Scorpio and meaningful angle can be maintained by Sagittarius. Through this arrangement, they both can give rise to an amazing bond which can go beyond locations situational existence and sexual positions.


These two signs fit quite well in each other’s rubric of sexual bond as Capricorn is also regulated by Mars. They understand each other’s needs quite well. Due to the Moon effect, they both are not too emotional which might affect the level of being intimate in their sexual encounters. This further takes away passion from their relationship.

They feel pulled towards their polar opposite signs, Taurus and Cancer, both these signs being sensitive and emotional. That is why; there is larger need to strike a chord in terms of authentic intimacy. This explains their need to create genuine intimacy that rests on being tender and emotional.

Capricorn has a bit of conservative approach which is not liked much by Scorpio which in turn is ruled by Uranus and is quite open. Scorpio tends to be patient and this gives Capricorn a chance to feel safe and secure to try for new ways. If they are together, Capricorn will find it difficult to let go and move. A Scorpio finds it easier to feel secure with the partner despite free play of sex.


Contact between a Scorpio and an Aquarius is full of passion and intensity. Their association might end up being not so good. However, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and together with Scorpio, they form relationship which is fraught with free play of sex devoid of any kind of restrictions. Being Water and Air sign, they complement each other in terms of emotion and intellect. However, if they begin to hate each other then they will do it with all heart and soul.

For them, striking a balance when it comes to rationality, emotional stability and passionate existence is not easy. Aquarius wishes to be free of all kinds of limitations while Scorpio is quite conditional and possessive in terms of sex. They both find it difficult to change their basic nature and become flexible.


These two signs are highly compatible when it comes to sexual experiences as both are water signs. Their commonality majorly lies upon their emotional entanglement which offers them high intensity. Scorpio is sexually active and Pieces is a bit delicate. Pisces is creative and full of resilience when it comes to sex. They tend to understand what and how Scorpio wishes to be handled.

However, the way they are ruled by Venus might pose challenges to them. Pisces is in love with Venus while Scorpio is quite callous towards Venus. This makes Scorpio ignore the emotional needs of the Pisces which might give rise to sexual tensions. Pisces can find a common ground of they are aware of a Scorpio’s dire need of immediate sex.

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