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Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius finds the best match with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.


These signs are jolly when engaging in sexual activity. Aries is known for a serious temperament, while Sagittarius is quite funny, and the dynamics functions in their personal lives.

Being fire signs, they are full of intense passion. Aries gives weightage to novelty in establishing a new course of activity mostly in the light of sexual positions. However, Sagittarius has a happy-go-lucky attitude wherein their primary focus on their thought process and ideas. They are too much into the search of ultimate truth. Also, they are full of positivity and passion. If someone tries to shake their positive bent of mind, their optimism might get shaken up. 

Sagittarius tends to take the lead when doing away with Aries’s serious and vain approach to sex. They tend to relax Aries and release them of all kinds of tensions to be more open to each other and open to experimentation. 


These signs are not that much compatible to each other. They both are childish in nature and hence lack the maturity for sexual activities. It is very difficult for them to understand each other's likings and preferences However, it is a bit strange to find them incompatible and that too when Venus and Jupiter rule them. They can actually use this in their favor. Respect in a relationship is important for both of them.

While Taurus ensures satisfaction of Sagittarius, Sagittarius keeps Taurus cheerful so that the relationship can be full of spark. If Sagittarius becomes a bit slow and Taurus becomes a bit relaxed, they can experience the true essence of sexuality. 


These two signs are known for being carefree towards each other. They are strangely fascinated towards each other. Their sexual encounters are cherishable and fun loving, joyous and full of creativity. 

They find it hard to understand each other’s needs and demands. They need to constantly communicate with each other in order to prevent themselves being selfish to each other.

Their preferences include intellectual match-up, empathetic behavior and understanding each other’s purpose in life besides sex. This makes them friends for life as the foundation of their relationship is quite strong. Physicality is secondary to them.


These signs might find attraction tough. They both are opposite in nature when it comes to their emotional needs. Trust is important for both of them.

If the emotional needs are understood, they can have an amazing sex life. Cancer’s exaltation over Jupiter might make Sagittarius feel special. Sagittarius offers cancer with fun loving ambience. However, absence of depth in their bond might upset Cancer. 

Their relationship can only be a success is Cancer is ready to change their attitude towards sex. However, Sagittarius does not have many expectations from Cancer on this front. While Cancer looks for romantic inclination, Sagittarius looks for adventurous experience.


These signs share a relationship full of warmth as one is flexible and the other is rigid. They are quite liberated and are natural towards each other. They tend to lift each other up emotionally so that their self esteem is at its highest. 

Passion is the key element in their bond. While Leo initiates the spark, Sagittarius takes it forward through positions and locations. They are good at enjoying to the fullest and at the same time they do not forget to respect each other. They are perfect for each other and maintain a cherishable bond.


These signs are fun oriented. Virgo is quite conditional and analytical and still Virgo’s relationship with Sagittarius is full of satisfaction. Their connection lies in the fact that they are governed by planets that also govern their opposite signs. This paves way for strong attraction and subsequently a strong sexual bond. 

While Earth regulates virgo, Sagittarius is governed by Fire. This makes the latter take a lot of risks while Virgo believes in playing safe in everything. This might create issues in their sexual life as Virgo might feel under pressure by Sagittarius and the latter might feel bored by the analytical and rigid nature of Virgo. They both need space in their lives. As they both are generous kind of people, it becomes difficult as to who would satisfy whom and up to what extent.


These signs are fairly compatible to each other wherein they strike a balance between emotional and intimate satisfaction. They do not put pressure on each other and allow each other to grow in each other’s company wherein they also ensure security in relationship. This makes them a perfect couple who believe in mutual growth.

Being governed by Venus and Jupiter, they both indulge in fulfilling sex where they aim for optimum happiness. They do this through experimentation, improvisation, glee, laughter and joy. Libra is serious due to the position of Saturn which further endows their bond with patience and perseverance. The position of Venus offers them with suppleness, passion romance and adequate desire. Their relationship is does not lack generation of pleasure through orgasm. They are not like with other zodiac signs. Their bond is exclusive.


These signs have a lot of understanding between them. They both are strong in terms of character. This provides them with adequate confidence, freedom and creativity. The free nature of Sagittarius will be a treat to the rigid nature of Scorpio. However, Sagittarius begins to doubt Scorpio’s intentions wherein a lot of trust issues between them.

They need to respect the seriousness of Scorpio while Scorpio needs to indulge in true intimacy. They both need to strike a balance when it comes to pose meaning to their bond through emotional stability and passion. Together, they give rise to an unbelievable sexual experience as they go beyond positions, locale and situations while making love.


These signs do not have a substantial bond. The relationship is not long lasting as both of them have similar ways of thinking. They both are deep thinkers and share liberal approach which leads them towards having casual sexual activities without any love in it. They believe in having no strings attached. They also share intellectual attraction wherein Sagittarius is more flexible in nature. Their bond is beyond any restrain, limitations, prejudices and problems. Their proximity depends upon intellectual connect.

However, they might face issues in having adequate emotions and depth in their association. Sagittarius is usually not shallow with other signs but with the Sagittarius-Sagittarius lacks depth being genuine. They might be in love but might not connected on the level of emotions. This might create problems in their sexual life which might further impact their level of intimacy. All this reduces the span of a fulfilling relationship wherein they then look for different partners belonging other signs.


These signs are not that a good match though their sexual experience is commendable. Though they are different in approach, they manage to have a decent liaison and the credit goes to Sagittarius as they make things easier and this makes the Capricorn feel responsible and bear with the light nature of Capricorn. 

Capricorn looks for meaningful connection and deep as well as gradual physical contact. Sagittarius fails to cope with the pace of Capricorn. They also fail to understand as to why Capricorn considers physical reality as a fundamental. They are incompatible as they share the same fantasies. Gradually, they tend to lose out on spark in their intimate life.

They need to respect the importance of physical reality and respect flexibility and change that is governed by Jupiter. Only then they can manage to have a stable bond. Sagittarius needs to be a bit serious and Capricorn needs to understand the partner’s Jupiter governed conscious. 


These signs are in sync with each other and are assets to each other in sexual life. Their attraction is long lasting and full of strength. This happens especially when Sagittarius requires fulfilment of sexuality and free play of emotions. As both of them like to experiment, improvise and try new positions, their intimate life will be quite exciting. They do not always need sex as the initiation point. They can attain satisfaction without indulging in sex too. This makes their bond all the more deep and beautiful.

Despite having satisfaction in their relationship, they might fail to ignite passion. Sagittarius might manage to bring in warmth in the relationship; it might not be long lasting as the focus might get lost. It is here that Aquarius continues to build focus and go in with the act. However, they both manage to be flexible in their bond. However, they might continue to witness elevations and drops in their bond. They might always oscillate between the two extremes of the pendulum in the light of emotions, feelings, passion and stability.


These signs will have fun in their physical bond. There is no limitation to their creative instincts, varied positions and committed intimacy. Their sexual life is full of veritable experiences of surprises, disappointments, elevations and drops. They share optimism, gaiety, happiness and frolic in their bond. They both are regulated by Jupiter which makes them rational and conviction oriented. This might create issues in their sex life as too much of rationality is not good and reduces intimacy. They are into excess of thinking. Sagittarius looks for grandiloquence in emotion, gestural behavior and passion in Pisces. Pisces looks for perfection in position. However, such a level of perfection is a myth as they fail to attain platonic level.

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