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Leo Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Leo Love Compatibility

Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are compatible with Leo.


These signs share a warm and compassionate bond. They have similar sexual preferences. They are very strong innately and always stand for each other. They fight for each other and have fun in unique ways. 

Their sexual compatibility is long-lasting and unchangeable. They both are full of energy and vitality. However, they both are egoists and can insult each other brutally which can lead to the destruction of their confidence and drives. However, they insult each other rarely as they are naturally inclined towards each other. 


These signs share an exhaustive sexual bond as they both are lazy. Taurus likes to be loved and Leo likes to be taken care of. They might have differences in terms of positions. They can prove to be excellent partners but they might also prefer rest and leisure time together.

Taurus is good at taking care of Leo, and Leo is good at bringing excitement in the relationship. They are also concerned about each other’s satisfaction and needs.

Being feminine and masculine signs, they have a similar desire for personal fulfillment. They have high expectations from each other and do not settle for less. They believe in the balance of vibrancy, gaiety, and happiness.


Leo is good at showing and Gemini is good at examining. Their sex life is exciting as Gemini is into improvisation and Leo is into creativity. They stimulate their sex life through intellectual exchange and interaction. Leo is a fixed sign and gives stability to Gemini to let their relationship last longer. 

Gemini is childish and matches with Leo as Leo believes in having a mature approach to sexuality. They both love to improvise and love to undress each other. They tend to transcend all kinds of inhibitions related to intimacy.


These signs are governed by the Sun and the Moon. They symbolize a husband and a wife/ the king and the Queen. However, they do not have an easy sex life.

To have a bond, they need to feel deep emotions. They both are emotional signs and find it difficult to reconcile if hurt. Leo is full of passion which cannot be always handled by Cancer. Cancer is soft which can make Leo feel guilty. Leo might not be as emotional as Cancer. They have a primal attraction towards each other.

However, they might establish fair sexual relations. They do not need much excitement to satisfy each other. They need to be good listeners towards each other to find a middle ground.


As they are the same signs, they have the same preferences and choices which might affect the depth of their intimacy. However, this might not affect their sex life. Leo’s compassionate bent of mind will keep the satisfaction intact. However, they might get headstrong with each other because of which they prefer partners who can help in knowing themselves. They do not prefer sex as an instinctual act. They love to feel connected.

They do not draw adequate boundaries and do not have respect for each other. They like confident partners and give space to insecurities. Being of the same sign, they do not like to make any kind of compromises.


These signs are rational and similar preferences in terms of sex. However, the coy nature of the Virgo might make it difficult for them to express in front of the partner. Leo needs to feel special and loved and this gets hard on Virgo’s part. Leo does not pay heed to Virgo’s emotional needs. Their rational bent of mind might affect their sex life as they might try to dominate each other.

Leo’s conservative bent of mind might favor Virgo. They might find it hard to feel emotionally connected. Rarely, Virgo can feel safe with Leo. Also, they are too rational to develop intimacy.


They are good at establishing a healthy sex life. Leo is confident and Libra has a strong sexual drive. They inspire each other to be great partners. They respect each other and try new things together. They can enjoy satisfying sex if they are mutually attracted to each other.

Leo and Libra like to be noticed. They are presentable outside. They cannot resist being away from each other even for a moment. Usually, Libra practices patience but cannot resist in front of Leo. 


These signs have strong sex libido and are strong personality-oriented. Leo is full of passion and warmth while Scorpio is voracious. Scorpio prefers sex in its purest form. They might find not to have a balanced sex life.

If they are attracted to each other, they can give rise to an interesting encounter wherein none of them will be able to control each other’s deep fantasies. However, they might have rifts between them during sexual activity. They might not understand each other’s needs. Leo looks for grace in sex and Scorpio; grace in sex is a myth.

That is why; it is difficult for them to get intimate as they are not on the same page in terms of the regulation of emotions. They have different notions of love, sex, and emotions. To establish a sexual bond, they need to stop controlling each other.


These signs have warmth for each other. They are also rigid as they are fire signs. They are free and liberated toward each other and respect each other’s individuality. If rifts occur between them, they can motivate each other and build up mutual self-confidence.

They are good at sharing the passion for each other. Leo ignites the inner drive while Sagittarius expands it through appropriate positions and zeniths. They enjoy to the fullest and at the same time, do not forget to respect each other’s body. They are perfectly connected while having sex.


These signs are connected by their self-awareness. They are rarely attracted to each other but if they are, they are attracted in the best possible manner. They might have temporary relationships in which they enjoy to the fullest. However, they have lesser chances of being together for a longer span. 

Leo is passionate and Capricorn is practical. However, vice-versa can also be true. They might have several conflicts due to the presence of the ego. They can also hinder each other’s self-esteem. Leo’s free spirit might ignite the fire between them but this might not be taken by Capricorn in the good light. They might get afraid and might get insecure about not being able to fit in each other’s frames.

They can get bored with each other soon because of their greater similarity index. They can share warmth to give rise to new experiences. If they have a spat, it can stay for a longer time. This might affect their sexual drive and confidence. 


They attract each other as they are opposite signs. Leo dominates but Aquarius prevails in terms of bringing down the dominance and feels free. They get lost in each other.

Though they have a struggling sex life, the experience can be worth it. They hold mastery when it comes to ace the oppositions. Aquarius values emotion and respect. They are curious about each other’s bodies and are feel confident about each other. Sun and Uranus act in their favor and help them in going beyond insecurities. 


They stand for love but are not a perfect match for each other. Both are selfish for their fulfillment and fail to strike the right chords when it comes to intimate bond. Leo considers Pisces as not that strong and realistic. This separates them from each other and their need for passion and fulfillment of emotions. 

If they attempt to discover each other, they can be unbelievable partners. But, there are a lot of differences between them which prevents them from having peaceful co-existence. Leo is positioned at the fall of Pisces which is Neptune. Leo can endanger the sensitivity of the Pisces. This might ruin the romance between them due to which they will not be able to sustain any sexual spark. 

Leo’s free spirit might psyche out Pisces as they might feel ashamed and apprehensive which can cause a delay in their sex life. Due to many differences, Pisces might consider Leo as insensitive. Pisces will take time in understanding the depth in Leo. They need to build up trust and respect for each other. They also need to have the patience for each other. They need to give each other adequate space to open up and establish relations based on emotional connection. They need to work hard in establishing a proper connection to feel safe and secure in each other’s company.

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