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Capricorn Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Capricorn Love Compatibility

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are the best matches for Capricorn.


These signs are not compatible with each other. They are ruled by Mars and Saturn. They are archetypes and are considered to be enemies from karmic point of view. Due to the effect of Mars and Saturn, they face a lot of troubles from sexual and psychological point of view. This is because Saturn takes away all the energy and puts Mars under a lot of pressure. They lack the sexual drive which leads to mutual dissatisfaction. 

This relationship is borne out of unconscious desire of fulfilment which remains embedded deep down. Aries might feel satisfied in due course of time as the needs will be met. However, Capricorn will be all tired and saturated due to constantly meeting up to the expectations of Aries. Capricorn will go through serious exhaustion. This will separate them and will create permanent rifts. They might be strongly attracted to each other but they ensure adequate distance between them. 

Capricorn will keep Aries’s passion in control and libido in moderation. Aries are good learners and are curious about the body of their partner. However, a lot of clashes take place between them due to the difference in their personalities.  


These signs are not flexible when it comes to physical intimacy. However, this might also work in their favour. It might be difficult for them to be free with each other and improvise new ways even if Capricorn tries the level best to increase proximity. When they are with each other, they try to know each other and then relax in each other’s presence. Capricorn might not be expressive and Taurus is good at letting go. 

In the light of Moon’s effect, Taurus elevates it and Capricorn does not respond to it well. This can give rise to several misunderstandings. It is difficult for Taurus to connect on the emotional level if Capricorn does not show deep love or trust. Taurus needs to be loved without any conditions and terms. This raises fear in Capricorn.

There could be gap in them due to differences in sex and love. Taurus cannot initiate and cannot show aggression and Capricorn needs initiation and is aggressive. This leads to loss of emotions in their sex life. This can lead to angst in Taurus. They lack any kind of emotional connect. This might give rise to lack of libido followed by impotence. 


These signs are compatible with each other. While Capricorn interacts through silence, Gemini communicates through guidance. Gemini teaches Capricorn about positions and the importance of exploration outside the comfort of the home. Although they both have a different take on sex, they manage to have an amazing experience.

Capricorn is good at making the partner feel good and relaxed. Capricorn takes care of Gemini as a kid so that they can feel good about their body and get comfortable. Capricorn is good at taking care of others and is traditional in approach. Rarely, they get attracted to each other. 

If they manage to develop a sexual bond, they both will not find each other creative, flexible enough, and conventional. They might find each other boring and lazy. Capricorn does not like the lack of purpose and the unemotional nature of the Gemini. They are not the best couple but they might strive for a common ground to sort their differences. This can be done by setting boundaries and creatively approaching situations.


They are strongly attracted to each other as they are opposite signs. They are full of vitality and this makes them outstanding lovers. Cancer needs patience and Capricorn gives it to Cancer while Cancer gives emotional comfort to Capricorn. They both consider sex as a spiritual exercise. This builds a strong connection between them. Capricorn settles well with the homely and family-oriented nature of Cancer. 

However, the same cannot be given by Capricorn to Cancer. Cancer has to offer intimacy to Capricorn and passionately heal Capricorn. Love and comfort can heal all kinds of wounds. Cancer’s warmth acts as a medicine for Capricorn. This uplifts Capricorn and their sex life becomes a success.


These signs are very well aware of each other. Leo might not get attracted to Capricorn but the vice-versa is possible. They might woo and chase each other only to not be together afterward. 

Leo has a warm bent of mind while Capricorn has a cool temperament. Leo is also cool and Capricorn is also warm but they do not consider each other in that way. They both represent conflicting archetypes and have fallen ego. This might pull them in the opposite direction. This might hamper their self-confidence and their take on beauty and attraction. Capricorn is a bit taken back the free nature of Leo which might lead to several kinds of insecurities as they might fail to live up to each other’s expectations.

Due to their similar thought process, they might find each other boring. However, if they are warm with each other and they are open to new experiences, they can have a successful life ahead. However, if constant rifts keep on occurring between them, they might lose out on libido and spark in their sexual life.


They might have a great physical connection if they are too strict and rigid with each other. They have a good understanding and they are patient with each other. However, despite this, they tend to suffer through a lack of pure emotions. They do not wish to surrender to each other which leads them to avoid sexual encounters.

Their sex life depends on their ability to synchronize and feel emotions for each other. They both do not take sex lightly and do not prefer a superficial approach to sex. They both are reserved and shy of each other. This reduces distance between them and enhances proximity.

Virgo is all ready to bring changes as per the wishes of Capricorn who deserves to be respected and trusted. They open up in their relationship by relaxing and by going for new techniques. This is a perfect relationship for both partners to relax and try out new things.


These signs find it difficult to establish a spontaneous sex life as they are quite lethargic and believe in delaying everything. This is because they are governed by Venus and Saturn. They do not get in sync with each other when it comes to being physical with each other. They lack chemistry and fail to ignite attraction and passion.

They feel burdened up together. Saturn’s position concerning Libra might help them in establishing good timing. Also, they have a lot of expectations from each other but they fail to live up to those expectations. If they manage to strike the right chords, their sex life would be quite rigid, mundane, and boring wherein they both need to remove expectations from each other. 


These signs are might have a substantial relationship. As they are governed by Venus and Mars, they might be able to strike the right chords when it comes to sexual intimacy. Libra is as quick as Air while Scorpio is slow as it is a Water sign.

Libra has to pull through the demanding nature of Scorpio which makes each other obsessive about each other. Such an approach will make them inseparable. Despite being physically dissatisfied, they might manage to make an emotional bond. 


These signs share an intense sexual bond. There aren’t many differences between them as Sagittarius has a cool temperament and can adjust according to the needs of the partner. Capricorn is also very accommodating and handles Sagittarius maturely. Capricorn is slow and looks for depth. However, Sagittarius finds it hard to remain patient with the slow pace of Capricorn. Due, to their similar thought processes, they might not be able to be together. This also creates troubles in their sex life as too much of similarity leads to constant fights and misunderstandings.

Sagittarius needs to give importance to the physical intimacy and Capricorn needs to be more flexible in approach as well as needs to understand the placing of Jupiter in Sagittarius. If they make these changes, they can give rise to a fulfilling sexual life. They need to focus more on emotional attachments.


These signs share an unpredictable bond. They have strong sexual drives and they both follow their instincts. However, they are also restrictive due to their rational bent of mind which affects their sexual life. Being similar in approach, they fail to satisfy each other.

They both delay initiation. Though they are ruled by Mars, they do not take initiative. Rather, they wait for each other to initiate. They go the extremes while being in a sexual act. 


These signs share many similarities. They both are traditional and restrictive as they are ruled by the same planet. However, they differ in the light of speed as their governing elements are different. 

Capricorn is gradual as it is governed by Earth. They need attraction and respect to initiate a sexual bond. Aquarius is governed by Air and hence is fast and is less reliable. However, together, they are trustworthy. They do not think much and indulge in a relaxed sexual act.

Aquarius does not have patience while Capricorn is into detailing as they like to be slow and gradual. They are passionate about a series of initial meetings. They both respect each other and are friendly too. However, they need to communicate with each other to spend quality time. They are good friends first and then partners. 


They are an ideal couple. They both relax in each other’s embrace. Their sexual encounter is strong and robust. While one is full of rationality, the other is full of emotions and this makes them a power couple. Their differences become a boon for them and increase the force of attraction between them. 

They need simplicity to feel the most powerful emotions. They love to explore each other’s hidden truths. Capricorn is emotional along with being cold; Pisces is rational as well as full of emotions. 

Their sex life is spontaneous and has a flow. Capricorn is good at expressing love in words while Pisces expresses love through physical contact. Capricorn feels a bit easy while Pisces begins to stay true to their feelings. They can give rise to constant stability and excitement if they stay together for a long time.

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