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Aries Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Aries Love Compatibility

Aries is the most interesting sign among all. They are born leaders. They are governed by Mars due to which they are extroverts, full of energy, and strong-willed. They have a pure heart and are honest. Overall, Aries is noble. However, they become quite violent if they are treated in the wrong manner. However, they do not hold on to long-lasting grudges and they tend to forget and forgive without much delay.

Aries share best compatible with- Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo

With Gemini, Aries is full of vitality and excitement. 

With Sagittarius, Aries share a compassionate bond where they share mutual energy. They are known for being fun-loving and they are into experimentations and improvisations.  They share a satisfying sexual bond. 

With Leo, Aries is compassionate and they are into romantic love-making.

Aries match with Aries

These signs share a strong bond. They both share self-esteem as they both are full of inner-strength. They are not apprehensive with each other and are open to each other. However, their mutual selfishness might be a problem between them. They share mutual sexual harmony. However, they indulge in huge verbal spats. 

Being the same signs, they might go to the extremes of taking care of each other and being indifferent towards each other. As they are governed by Mars, they are good at establishing physical intimacy but they lack on emotions as they are not governed by Venus. They need to work on their emotions to make their sexual relationship work in the best possible manner. 

Aries match with Taurus

Aries is governed by Mars and Taurus is ruled by Venus. They are compatible sexually but differ when it comes to end the act. 

Aries prefers simplicity in the act and thoughts while Taurus is more into emotional satisfaction, gentility, and patience. They can involve themselves in sexual bonds only if they feel connected emotionally. This might get a little difficult for Aries as they rational and prefer direct physical intimacy.

To get satisfied fully, Aries needs to work on sensuality and emotions. Taurus is not flexible and cannot adjust or make changes. That is why; Aries needs to put in adequate efforts to come on the page of Taurus. 

Aries match with Gemini

Aries and Gemini are fairly compatible with each other. Aries has an active libido and Gemini is good at coming up with new ideas. These signs are creative but people judge them harshly. However, they are carefree and do not worry about judgments. These signs are passionate about each other, they are inquisitive and energetic. They are not too sensitive to fall into delusion. Rather, they focus on themselves and spend quality time together. They are playful while being in the middle of the sexual act.

Aries match with Cancer

Cancer and Aries are moderately compatible signs. Cancer prefers emotional connection and Aries prefers an action-oriented approach. Cancer finds it difficult to open up and is a bit shy as compared to Aries.

Aries are very rough in terms of initiating sex life. They are not much into the expression of emotions, unlike Cancer. They do not believe in natural intimacy and it has to be evoked. Cancer is the complete opposite of Aries. They are fraught with emotion and they believe in the expression of emotions to the fullest. They need to invest equal energy and time to give rise to long-lasting sexual encounters. 

Aries match with Leo

These signs share a warm and compassionate bond. They have similar sexual preferences. They are very strong innately and always stand for each other. They fight for each other and have fun in unique ways. 

Their sexual compatibility is long-lasting and unchangeable. They both are full of energy and vitality. However, they both are egoists and can insult each other brutally which can lead to the destruction of their confidence and drives. However, they insult each other rarely as they are naturally inclined towards each other. 

Aries match with Virgo

Virgo and Aries are the least compatible couple when it comes to sex life. The reason behind this that there is a huge difference between the ways Aries and Virgo behave when it comes to conjugal relationships. For a Virgo, sexuality is something that comes gradually. A lot of understanding, expression of emotions leading to stimulation and foreplay is involved. However, for an Aries, the process is quite immediate and spontaneous. They tend to dive deep into sex without much delay. Therefore, the issue of Aries and Virgo being together is a bit complicated.

However, for a relationship to last for long, efforts should be made on both sides. In terms of the Aries and Virgo's relationship, Aries can try having patience and believe in the expression of feelings whereas Virgo can try being more immediate and spontaneous as too much delay can prevent a relationship to thrive.

Aries match with Libra

These signs share a bit complicated relationship. The reason behind this complexity lies in their masculinity and being opposite to each other in terms of belonging to Mars and Venus. While being in a sexual relationship, their drive will be at the highest. However, these signs tend to have an inherently aggressive nature that remains dormant and comes out indirectly. Due to this, they might hurt each other as well. 

These signs tend to involve fewer emotions and are not that good when it comes to drawing boundaries. The reason behind this lies in their positioning of Saturn wherein Aries is at the descent and Libra is at the elevation. However, if they manage to overcome this problem, nothing can stop in establishing satisfying relations. Aries needs to improve upon energy and initiation and Libra needs to motivate Aries and work towards being selfless partners. 

Aries match with Scorpio

The sign of Aries and Scorpio are quite strong when it comes to bonding. They are quite alike in terms of sexual behavior. They both are ruled by the planet Mars and hence both are instinctual in nature However, being aggressive in nature, they both can’t keep the aggression at bay while they are indulged in sexual activity. In fact, Scorpio is also governed by Pluto which makes them highly destructive in nature and for them, sex should have high intensity. Their instinctual bent of mind makes them quite sexual in nature which is considered to be a matter of taboo in society.

The sign of Scorpio is quite complex. They are emotional internally and want their emotions to be catered however their overtly sexual nature makes them suppress themselves. The other signs might consider Scorpios as being sexually promiscuous except Aries as they have an open mindset. But, the relationship between Aries and Scorpio can end up being loveless and devoid of passion. The reason behind this is that both are governed by oppositions. While Aries is not governed by Venus, Scorpio is regulated by Venus and has a deep sense of love.

These signs might end up being highly sexual if at all they manage to strike a chord. However, it is a difficult task as for Aries, sex is a physical need and for Scorpio, it is an act that requires emotional stimulation, foreplay, and a bit of playfulness. Scorpio is highly creative when it comes to sex and comes up with new techniques with every new sexual encounter as well as expects the same from the partner. If there is a mutual understanding of satisfying each other’s needs and demands, they might establish a long-lasting relationship.

Aries match with Sagittarius

These signs are fun-loving. Sagittarius has a jovial way of approaching everything while Aries is serious when it comes to sexual relationships. 

These signs are compassionate about each other. Aries loves to experiment and try new things while Sagittarius is into making things lighter. Sagittarius is concerned only about her/his own life and is concerned only about their actions. They are optimistic and moody too. However, if someone defames them, they might lose confidence in themselves. 

Sagittarius easily understands Aries’s nature of being strict, rigid, and full of passion. This helps Aries to enter into a more relaxed zone where they can relax and experiment.

Aries match with Capricorn 

These signs are not compatible with each other. They are ruled by Mars and Saturn. They are archetypes and are considered to be enemies from a karmic point of view. Due to the effect of Mars and Saturn, they face a lot of troubles from the sexual and psychological point of view. This is because Saturn takes away all the energy and puts Mars under a lot of pressure. They lack the sexual drive which leads to mutual dissatisfaction. 

This relationship is borne out of an unconscious desire for fulfillment which remains embedded deep down. Aries might feel satisfied in due course of time as the needs will be met. However, Capricorn will be all tired and saturated due to constantly meeting up to the expectations of Aries. Capricorn will go through serious exhaustion. This will separate them and will create permanent rifts. They might be strongly attracted to each other but they ensure the adequate distance between them. 

Capricorn will keep Aries’s passion for control and libido in moderation. Aries are good learners and are curious about the body of their partner. However, a lot of clashes take place between them due to the difference in their personalities.  

Aries match with Aquarius

These signs are good at communication as they indulge in thought-provoking conversations.  Aquarius is broad-minded and Aries is also very open in their approach. They both are good learners and are ready to teach each other and learn from each other. However, they find it hard to do away with their egos. Aries is reserved and Aquarius is fun-loving and adopts unique ways to impress Aries. 

They need to have a proper understanding to build up intimacy. If they manage to do this, nothing can prevent them from attaining optimum success in their sexual life. 

Aries match with Pisces 

These two signs find it hard to build a deep bond. For them, every experience is new and they aren’t mature enough to go beyond the physical and attain the spiritual feeling of togetherness. Their preferences are very different.

While Aries prefers instinctual sex, Pisces is into the orgasmic sexual experience. Aries and Pisces are very different from each other. Aries prefers dominance over Pisces. Their togetherness might not be a success. They need to work on creativity and experimentation. Pisces looks for extraordinary satisfaction while Aries is into simplicity and instinctive intimacy. Pisces is into orgasmic pleasure, unlike Aries. They do not understand each other’s needs well. Aries is immature and Pisces is fraught with maturity.They have to communicate with each other to improve their sex life. Interaction is important for optimum understanding. It is difficult for Pisces to settle for anything less than extraordinariness. Aries does not believe in expressing much to their Pisces partners.

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