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Aquarius Love Compatibility With Other Signs

Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius goes best with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.


These signs are good at interacting with each other as they indulge in thought-provoking conversations. 

Aquarius is open-minded and Aries is also very open in their approach. They both are good learners and are ready to teach each other and learn from each other. However, they find it hard to do away with their egos. Aries is reserved and Aquarius is fun-loving and adopts unique ways to impress Aries. 

They need to have a proper understanding to build up intimacy. If they manage to do this, nothing can prevent them from attaining optimum success in their sexual life. 


They are quite opposite to each other. While Aquarius is flexible and unique, Taurus is quite smooth, soft, and believes in slow speed. There are fewer chances of these signs getting attracted to each other. They both consider each other clingy, not that fun-loving, and a bit crazy. They need to indulge in various kinds of experiments in light of sexual experiences.

They can complement each other if their opposite natures work in sync with each other. If the soft bent of mind of Taurus and the independent instinct of Aquarius fall together in a proper frame then creativity and motivation can blossom between them. This would, in turn, provide Taurus with energy and productivity. Through mutual respect and emotional involvement, they can have a successful intimate life. 

Aquarius looks for a non-attached bond and less of emotions. Taurus looks for permanence and security. Together, they look for the fulfillment of their needs and demands though it is difficult for them to come to terms with their differences. 


These signs are good at mutual interaction. They like to be connected through hearts than being intimate through the body. For them, spiritual compatibility is more important than physical satisfaction.

They get attracted to each other due to their rational and intellectual bent of mind. They both look for serious and intelligent partners. They crave intellectual partners.

They can establish relations anywhere. They do not bother about the place. Gemini can be immature but Aquarius will help in bringing about balance in the relationship. With Aquarius in the scene, Gemini feels free and safe. They interact well and understand each other without much delay. This helps them in satisfying each other. However, despite all, they might fall short of emotions leading to a lack of intimacy. This might create distance between them and separate them forever.


These signs share a stressful relationship. In general, Cancer is sensitive. However, if they are hurt and they decide to set boundaries, they can be ruthless and distant. Aquarius is also rigid and they both make a difficult pair. 

Cancer prefers a slow approach in sex while Aquarius is fast and they find it hard to adjust to each other’s pace. They need to bring balance in their outlook. Aquarius needs to slow down and Cancer needs to adopt a rational approach. Then, they can share the best bond. They can give each other their quality time. To have fun, they can also indulge in experimentation and improvisation.


They attract each other as they are opposite signs. Leo dominates but Scorpio prevails in terms of bringing down the dominance and feels free. They get lost in each other.

Though they have a struggling sex life, the experience can be worth it. They hold mastery when it comes to ace the oppositions. Aquarius values emotion and respect. They are curious about each other’s bodies and are feel confident about each other. Sun and Uranus act in their favor and help them in going beyond insecurities. 


Natal charts need to offer adequate support to sexual relationships. In the case of the signs of Virgo and Aquarius too, this plays a vital role as these are also the least sexually compatible signs. This is majorly due to their different natures. Even though they are in sync intellectually, they might not get along in terms of physical intimacy.

While Aquarius is quite spontaneous and is intellectually strong to understand the workings of sex, Virgo takes a lot of time to initiate and respond to physical advances. This reduces the chances of paving way for a delightful bond. Virgo is into a lot of thinking and Aquarius finds it boring as they believe in being fast-paced. Virgo often fails to get along with the fastidious and immediate involvement oriented nature of Aquarius as Virgo is quite shy and sensitive towards being free in terms of body.


Aquarius helps Libra in expressing sexuality to the fullest. Libra is quite opinionated while Libra is quite apprehensive about their sexuality too. They do not like being judged. On the other hand, Aquarius people do not believe in any opinions and are quite free-spirited. This enables Libra to stop thinking about other people for a while.

For Libra, their relationship can be liberating and for Aquarius, it might get complicated. However, they will be able to communicate without any difficulty as both of them belong to the element of Air. They both are good at experimentation and exploration of each other’s deep fantasies. Their physical intimacy acts as a strong base of their overall bond. 


Contact between a Scorpio and an Aquarius is full of passion and intensity. Their association might end up being not so good. However, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and together with Scorpio, they form a relationship that is fraught with the free play of sex devoid of any kind of restrictions. Being Water and Air sign, they complement each other in terms of emotion and intellect. However, if they begin to hate each other then they will do it with all heart and soul.

For them, striking a balance when it comes to rationality, emotional stability, and passionate existence is not easy. Aquarius wishes to be free of all kinds of limitations while Scorpio is quite conditional and possessive in terms of sex. They both find it difficult to change their basic nature and become flexible.


These signs are in sync with each other and are assets to each other in sexual life. Their attraction is long-lasting and full of strength. This happens especially when Sagittarius requires fulfillment of sexuality and the free play of emotions. As both of them like to experiment, improvise, and try new positions, their intimate life will be quite exciting. They do not always need sex as the initiation point. They can attain satisfaction without indulging in sex too. This makes their bond all the more deep and beautiful.

Despite having satisfaction in their relationship, they might fail to ignite passion. Sagittarius might manage to bring in warmth in the relationship; it might not be long-lasting as the focus might get lost. It is here that Aquarius continues to build focus and go in with the act. However, they both manage to be flexible in their bond. However, they might continue to witness elevations and drops in their bond. They might always oscillate between the two extremes of the pendulum in the light of emotions, feelings, passion, and stability.


These signs share many similarities. They both are traditional and restrictive as they are ruled by the same planet. However, they differ in the light of speed as their governing elements are different. 

Capricorn is gradual as it is governed by Earth. They need attraction and respect to initiate a sexual bond. Aquarius is governed by Air and hence is fast and is less reliable. However, together, they are trustworthy. They do not think much and indulge in a relaxed sexual act.

Aquarius does not have patience while Capricorn is into detailing as they like to be slow and gradual. They are passionate about a series of initial meetings. They both respect each other and are friendly too. However, they need to communicate with each other to spend quality time. They are good friends first and then partners. 


These signs share a satisfying sexual bond. These signs prefer an exciting sexual encounter. They alway experiment and try out new ways of keeping each other happy. They have similar ways of thinking when it comes to exploring fantasies. They are unconventional and are beyond limitations, restrictions, and narrow-mindedness.

However, they are emotional and this could be a possible obstacle in their path of establishing a great sexual experience. It might be difficult for them to exchange warmth all the time. This might also impact the passion that they will have for each other, thus creating an emotional vacuum.

These signs are into emotional and literal freedom in life. 


These signs, together, are known for developing an exciting life. Aquarius elevates over Neptune which is the governing planet of Pisces. They might not strike a chord but are free of emotional entanglements. If Pisces do not get clingy in terms of attachment, there are greater chances of their being together.

Pisces can change and get excited about sex. However, Aquarius is a bit less enthusiastic as they are more rational. Aquarius Creativity, emotional foreplay, and curiosity will help them in keeping their sex life exciting and emotion oriented. 

Pisces tend to lack when it comes to deal with heartbreak. They let their emotions flow without indulging in rationality. For the best relationship between Aquarius and Pisces, the former needs to be understanding of the latter. A good initial point is made when Aquarius is expressive periodically towards Pisces.

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