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Vimala Yoga in Astrology

Must the twelfth house be involved or aspected by malicious planets and the twelfth lord be burdened or be in one of Trika's (sixth or eighth) house, the Yoga framed is Vimala Yoga.


One brought into the world in Vimala Yoga will be a grumpy person, not gifted in the area of going through cash, hoarding abundance, driving an agreeable and autonomous life, and embellishment himself accord conditions.


The three Yogas expressed above expand the impacts of the Trika lords in the other Trika (sixth, eighth or twelfth). As per PhalaDeepika, these lords leave the malicious gained because of lordship and become instrumental for the great.

BrihatParasara Hora Sastra doesn't underwrite the above outcomes yet says: the sixth lord in the sixth makes the native have an ill will with his family however companionship with others; in the eighth makes the native debilitated, unfriendly, covetous of other's abundance, and spouses and be debased and in the twelfth, the native consistently spends on indecencies, is antagonistic to scholarly individuals and torments living creatures.

B.P.H.S. for the eighth lord says: the eighth lord in the sixth prompts the native success over adversaries, to be ailing and during youth bring about threat through snakes and water; in the eighth makes the native seemingly perpetual, if strong, a hoodlum, accountable and removing own awful deeds on others and in the twelfth, the native is short-lived and wicked.

B.P.H.S. for the twelfth lord says: the twelfth lord in the sixth causes the native to bring about animosity with his men, is of furious attitude, is corrupt and hopeless and will pursue other's spouses; in the eighth causes the native addition, talk amiably, appreciate medium life span and invested with great characteristics and in the twelfth, the native faces substantial consumption, is without actual felicity, is fractious and angry.

Presently if the eighth house and eighth lord both are burdened, the life span is influenced unfavorably, and just Saturn in the eighth isn't awful for life span. Mars in the eighth makes one bring about obligations. Torments to the sixth and eighth houses cause infections.

Also, the benefics in the twelfth definitely upgrade costs for the great or outstanding motivation. However, it is malefic for the wicked deeds.

Convincingly, we can say that the burdened Trika lords in Trika houses empower one to hoard abundance through unlawful methods and corrupt strategies. The wellbeing and life span get disintegrated by virtue of evil deeds and licentious perspectives. The native really is a monster in the skin of a sheep.

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