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Vesi Yoga in Astrology

If a planet or planets, except for the Moon, are in the second house from the Sun, Vesi Yog is formed.


The native will be righteous, glad, popular, and lucky.


There are two sorts of Yogs, one shaped with the malefic gives awful outcomes, and the other framed with the benefits around the Sun gives great outcomes. The native-born under auspicious Vesi Yog is pleasant, expressive, wealthy, bold, and victorious over his enemies, while the native brought into the world under foreboding Vesi Yog is partial to awful company, evil-minded and dispossessed of wealth and solaces. There will be numerous assortments even with the benefits. Jupiter in fall can not be as favorable as in commendation, that is, in Cancer. A malefic or poorly positioned benefic in the second from the Sun influences the eye-sight of the native.

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