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Ubhayachari Yoga in Astrology

If the planets, aside from the Moon, are available in the second and twelfth from the Sun, Ubhayachari Yog is formed.


The native brought into the world under Ubhayachari Yog will be even bodied, firm, proud, over-enthusiastic, persuasive speaker, rich and renowned.


This Yog is often present in the outlines since Venus and Mercury don't have a lot of extension from the Sun. The native is underhanded if the Sun is flanked by insidious planets and obliging if by the benefits. In inspiring the native, these Sun oriented Yogs are not as effective as the other Raja Yogs are. The Sun addresses the conscience component of an individual, and these Sun-powered Yogs have a lot to do with the sort of sense of self-improvement of the person.

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