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Sunapha Yoga in Astrology

Sunapha Yoga in Astrology

There are chances that there are planets except for the Sun in the second house from the Moon, Sunapha Yoga is caused. 


An individual brought into the world under Sunapha Yoga will be a lord or his equivalent with self-procured property and be prestigious for his astuteness and riches. 


Moon is exceptionally crucial in this Yoga and the two Yogas following it. Sunapha Yoga has a lot to do with the monetary flourishing of the natives. The nature and the method of getting success rely on the planets in the second and the second master from the Moon. 

Mars in the second from the Moon makes one skilled, furious, merciless, dishonest, affluent, courageous, and peevish. 

Mercury in the second from the Moon makes one knowledgeable in Vedas, expressive arts and music, exceptionally keen, pleasant speaker, and devout. 

Jupiter in the second from the Moon makes one proficient in each regard, prosperous, with a great family, noble and well known and equivalent to a lord. 

Venus in the second from the Moon makes one wealthy in cows and ponies, live in grand magnificence, with much property, had of agrarian terrains and hitched. Saturn in the second from the Moon makes one rich, capable, knowledgeable in each sort of business and to acquire the regard of the individuals in towns and towns.

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