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Srikantha Yoga in Astrology

When the Lagna master, the Sun, and the Moon be in their praise, own or agreeable signs in quadrants and thirds, Srikantha Yog results. 


An individual brought into the world in Srikantha Yog will wear Rudraksha, resemble Rishis who radiate scent, be continually reciting and loving Shiva, be strict, be noticing moral codes, and be evaluated as Shiva's aficionado. He will be altruistic towards Sadhus and never jealous of different organizations and religions. 


There are three Yogs, viz, Srikantha, Srinatha, and Viranchi, named after ruler Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma trinity of the three Hindu divine beings administering over the devastation. Support and creation. The Lagna, along with the Sun and the Moon, are the three mainstays of a horoscope. When these increase strength and are placed in fundamental houses, the insight and status of the native are high. 

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