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Shubha Yoga in Astrology

The Navamsa lord must be of the depositor of the ninth lord be in the second house in his praise sign, and the depositor of the ninth lord be with the second lord, the Yoga along these lines shaped is Shubha Yoga.


The native brought into the world under Shubha Yoga will be a justified person who will achieve a high office. This native will be learned and knowledgeable in sacred writings. His voice will be charitable and will have entrancing quality. He will be extremely rich and enhanced for the undertakings attempted.


The ninth lord gets the push of the exalted Navamsa lord of his disposition. A particularly native is a cash magnet and prevails in each try at his hand. He rides the pony of fortune for the duration of his life.

The ninth lord's disposition is Jupiter, who is in the Navamsa of Mars who thus is commended and Jupiter is with the second lord Saturn.

Another delivery of Shubha Yoga is accordingly; The second house must be involved by the Moon and Jupiter, the second lord be I the eleventh house and the Lagna lord be in a benefic sign, the coming about Yoga is called Shubha.

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