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Shiva Yoga in Astrology

The fifth lord must be in the ninth house, the tenth lord is in the fifth, and the eleventh lord is in the ninth house; the subsequent mix is Shiva Yoga.


The individual brought into the world under Shiva Yoga will be valiant, valorous, well-to-do, righteous, a royal individual, and possessed of heavenly intelligence.


Yoga relates the three houses of flourishing, merits, and income. The native will be occupied with Karma under the push of the power of fortunes. The heavenly insight radiates from the arrangement of the fifth and eleventh lords in the ninth. Subsequently, the native can work in the warning ability to the government or then again be in Foreign Service or be having profit from the unfamiliar exchange. The ninth lord in the fifth is the preeminent situation for the Bhagya lord, and the intelligence procured by the native is profound and authentic. Shiva Yoga can likewise be named Srikantha Yoga.

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