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Sasa/Shasha Yoga in Astrology

Shasha Yoga in Astrology

Saturn in strength possesses a quadrant from the Lagna indistinguishable from his worship, Moolatrikona, or own sign. 


An individual brought into the world under Yoga will be merciless hearted, having furious eyes dull in structure and gave to the Mother. He will be of flawed character and direct faithful workers. He will be deceitful and attempting to grab other's wealth. He will be top of a town or district. He will be curvy and slanted to play the lover with the target of his liable love. 


Sasa Yoga must be workable for the portable and the fixed signs in the Lagna. The intrinsic idea of Saturn becomes possibly the most important factor, especially when this Yoga is caused by the Moon sign. The wicked, barbarous, and mean nature of Saturn is very obvious with the individual having this Yoga, and he utilizes each reasonable or foul intends to get other's abundance. The natives are keen on other's ladies because of his malicious sex outlook. Almost certainly, the individual is well known and prosperous, yet the component of avarice and cruelty is consistently present with him. The people identified with the district and where the work can't be productively managed without their very own underhand portion ordinarily have Sasa Yoga present in their graphs. 

Sasa Yoga has a less terrible hint if the Moon isn't in a quadrant from Saturn. In the event that the Moon (the component) is generally all-around set in the graph, a large portion of the terrible ascribes of Sasa Yoga get vanquished. 

The natives brought into the world in Sasa Yoga will have little teeth, little face, high speed, be shrewd, valorous, wander in woods, slopes, and fortifications, will have powerless flanks and long body, be well known, be a military boss, skillful in all tasks, will have distending teeth, be a metallurgist, be fickle-minded, will have eyes like the lotus, be keen on reasonable sex, will make the most of other's abundance. Be given to his mom, have a powerless midsection, be exceptionally shrewd, and will discover flaws with others. His hands will have marks like a wheel, conch, laurel, lute, and so on. He will administer some spot and will bite the dust at 70 years old.

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