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Saraswati Yoga in Astrology

Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus in first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth houses jointly or independently establish Saraswati Yoga if simultaneously Jupiter is in his own exaltation or agreeable sign.


The native brought into the world under Saraswati Yoga will be knowledgeable in poetry, information on Sastras, intelligent, lauded by all, and showing his benefits in practically all fields. He will be rich and blessed with a great spouse and youngsters.


The design of planets in Saraswati Yoga is with the end goal that it isn't exceptionally uncommon to discover this Yoga. Three benefic in quadrants impact the distinction to accomplish some station throughout everyday life. Jupiter, the planet of thriving and joy, is wanted to be strong by the sign position. It is conceivable that numerous different Yogas can arise out of Saraswati Yoga.

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