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Sakata Yoga in Astrology

When Jupiter and the Moon be in the sixth and eighth to one another and Jupiter be not in a quadrant from the Lagna, the Shakata Yog is shaped. 


The native brought into the world under Shakata Yog, be from an imperial family will get poverty-stricken. He will endure poverty and carry on with an immaterial life. He will consistently be troubled and hated by the ruler. 


The Moon doesn't get any strength being in the sixth form Jupiter while Jupiter doesn't involve a ternary from the Lagna; accordingly, he doesn't help the diagram additionally as a rule. In this manner, the Moon sign isn't braced by the fortune Jupiter (Dhana Karaka). The impacts of Shakata Yog have not been seen fundamentally in an enormous number of graphs. This is maybe a direct result of the stages for aspect the Lagna ruler, the Sun, the eleventh and second master furthermore, Jupiter's position in the fifth or the ninth from the Lagna are many. Nonetheless, the impacts of Shakata Yog have been obvious while the traveling Moon or Jupiter is in the sixth or eighth to each other's position. 

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