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Ruchaka Yoga in Astrology

Ruchaka Yoga in Astrology

On the off chance that Mars in strength involves his exaltation, Moolatrikona or own sign in a quadrant from the Lagna, Ruchaka Yoga is caused, one of the PanchaMahapurushaYogas. 


The individual brought into the world in Ruchaka Yoga will be of huge head and face, procuring wealth gallantly, valorous, and proudly executing his adversaries, an extraordinary leader or high official, prevailing in the entirety of his undertakings, splendorous and will acquire fame and notoriety for his great characteristics. 


This Yoga is caused just when Mars is in strength, neither seriously aspected and nor combust. Mars totally strong is an exceptionally uncommon phenomenon, as a rule, he is found with a few of the other weaknesses, yet at the same time, the Yoga is available to an impressive degree accordingly, showering a considerable lot of its great ethics over the person. 

The native of Ruchaka Yoga has a brooding look, pure magnificence, incredible strength, courage, alluring eyebrows, blue (extremely dark) hair, propensity for war, knowledge on Mantras, be ahead of thieves, will have crimson complexion, be valorous, be a winner of foes, will have a neck likened to conch, be chief, remorseless, will respect divine beings and Brahmins, have thin shanks, will have signs of staff 14[kV~okax, which implies a staff with a skull at the top considered to be Shiva's weapon and kept by religious zealots/2, cord, bull, arrow, diamond, lute and so on the hands and feet, will be 100 fingers tall, be skillful in Mantras and dark magic, will weigh 100 Tulas and his loins will be delineated equivalent to the length of his face. He will lead over Vindhya and Sahya regions. He will continue to his eminent abode, meeting his end through weapons or fire after in a valorous existence of 70 years.

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