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Parvata Yoga in Astrology

On the off chance that benefic planets be in quadrants, the sixth and eighth houses either be vacant or involved by the benefic planets, the subsequent Yog is Parvata. 


The individual who is born under the Parvata Yog is going to be prosperous, affluent, on top of a city, enamored with ladies, and occupied with artistic pursuits. 


'Jataka Parijata' has additionally referenced a Parvata Yog, Which expresses that the Lagna and twelfth rulers ought to be common in Kendras and aspected by companions. 

For Aquarius Lagna, Saturn is singular, commonly in quadrants as indicated by this Yog. 

For the native to be saved of adversaries and obligations, the sixth and eighth better remain vacant. 

The Parvata Yog portrayed in 'Hora Sara' (19/19) appears to have some gravity. 

Ought to, there are planets in quadrants and none in the twelfth and eighth while the ninth has a tenant in it, the subsequent Yogis Parvata. 

Here likewise, the sixth isn't approached to be empty. 

'Phala Deepika' (6/35) has an alternate sort of Parvata Yog expressing that the Lagna ruler ought to be in a quadrant or ternary indistinguishable with his own or praise sign. Here the propitious outcomes will be harvested because of the solid Lagna ruler. 

'Sata Yog Manjari' states: The disposition of the Lagna ruler ought to be in a point or ternary indistinguishable with his worship or own sign to form Parvata Yog. 

As we would see it, these Parvata Yogs are fit for giving honor and bestowing somewhat, yet are not all that incredible to obscure the power of other significant Yogs. 

There is Parvata Yog(2) present here, and yet a solid Adhi Yogof the Moon is additionally present, which is by all accounts more significant for this situation.

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