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Nabhi Yoga in Astrology

On the off chance that Jupiter is in the ninth house from the Lagna and in the eleventh to him is the ninth lord conjunct with the strong Moon, Nabhi Yoga is caused.


A Nabhi Yoga native is learned, affluent, appreciating all solaces, regarded by the lord, and pleased with his status.


The geometry formed is certifiably not a typical one to discover. Jupiter, the best fortune is wanted in the ninth lord (lord of Bhagya), is needed in the place of gains from the ninth with the strong Moon, which again is an incomparable situation for the ninth lord. Along these lines is established is an amazing Yoga for wealth and flourishing. In the event that the fatherly race isn't sufficiently prosperous, this Yoga unquestionably carries success to the dad and so on.

Nabhi Yoga is shaped with planets in sextile to one another, an incredible arrangement for scholarly honor and flourishing. (Western Astrology)

This is anything but a decent Yoga for the Taurus Lagna on the grounds that both Jupiter and the Moon would be disabled.

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