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Mangala Madhya Kleeba Yoga in Astrology

All the planets (from the Sun to Saturn) must be in quadrants from the Lagna, Mangala Yoga is delivered. They must be bound in quadrants from the tenth house, Madhya Yoga is delivered. All the planets must be arranged in the third, sixth, and twelfth houses, Kleeba Yoga is created.


Mangala Yoga native will be a speaker, doing favorable acts, having issues, shrewd and enduring.

Madhya Yoga native will live in different nations, be tentative commonly, be not having a lasting flourishing, be pained by family members and will meet his end bad.

Kleeba Yoga native will live in unfamiliar grounds, be attached to questions and awful ladies. He will be lamented, having a short life, and will bite the dust at a far off spot.


These Yogas have a place with the Yavanas and, as far as we can tell, have been discovered to be genuinely appropriate.

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