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Malika Yoga in Astrology

Should all the seven planets be constantly in seven consecutive houses starting from the Lagna or some other house, the Malika Yog named after the starting house results?


Lagna Malika native will be a ruler directing abundance. A Dhana Malika native will be temperate, unfaltering, hoarder of abundance, and obediently respectful towards guardians. A Vikrama Malika native will be gallant, affluent yet debilitated. A Matru Malika native will be liberal, sovereign, and appreciating great fortunes. A Suta Malika native will be a devotee of custom, liberal and affluent. A Ripu Malika native will get abundance sporadically and be ravenous. A Kaletra Malika native will be of high repute to people in power and ladies society. A native at whose birth Malika you begins from the eighth the house will be honored with long life, recognized, henpecked and poor. A Bhagya Malika native will be powerful, ethical, strict, and partial to long ventures. A Karma Malika native will be idealistic, held in high regard, and carrying out beneficial things. An Aaya Malika native will be equipped, august, the paragon of own sex and much adored by reasonable sex. A Vyaya Malika native will be extreme and regarded for his liberal perspectives.


The shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu have not been associated with Malika Yogs may be on account of not having an actual body. The names referenced above demonstrate the initiation places of Malika Yogs. Practically all specialists consent to the above plan of Malika Yogs, however just Bhavartha Ratnakara takes it to begin from the Lagna.

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