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Malavya Yoga in Astrology

Malavya Yoga in Astrology

Venus in strength ought to involve a quadrant from the Lagna, which ought to be indistinguishable from his commendation, Moolatrikona, or own sign. 


The natives brought into the world under Malavya Yoga will have an attractive body, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, wealth, and information of the sacred scriptures. He will be endowed with cheerful youngsters and a spouse. He will be famous, learned, and be commanding vehicles. 


Venus is the most sparkling and excellent planet of our planetary system, so are his outcomes. Venus is the significator of transports, music, moving, workmanship products, expressive arts, sexual pleasures, and material comforts. The natives with this Yoga create a great measure of semen. Consequently, he is more pulled in towards excellent woman folk. Mythologically Venus is the preacher of evil presences. A strong Venus invests the natives with great ministerial ability and advisory capacity. An individual with strong Venus is a unique diplomat. Every one of these characteristics is the ascribes of a Venus, who is neither burdened nor combust, which are the preconditions for Malavya Yoga. 

The individual brought into the world under the Malavya Yoga has fine gestures, effortless body shapes, and the eyes of a female. He is attractive, commendable, and splendrous. He is honored with youngsters, spouses, vehicles, and wealth; he is learned and knowledgeable in well versed sacred writings. He wisely applies or utilizes the three glorious forces I e. energy, capacity, and women and will attain the age of 77 years.

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