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Lakshmi Yoga in Astrology

If the Lagna lord is amazing and connected with the rulers of quadrants and thirds, a ground-breaking Lakshmi Yog is shaped.

if the ninth ruler being in his worship sign, Moola Trikona sign or own sign, is in a quadrant from the Lagna and the master of Lagna is solid, a Lakshmi Yog is framed.

If the ninth master and Venus in their worship or own signs are in quadrants or thirds, then moreover Lakshmi Yog is caused.


The native brought into the world in Lakshmi Yog will be supplied with acceptable characteristics, attractive, a leader of a decent native, strict, without illness, a man of high status and uprightness, lofty, regarded by rulers, claiming an honorable spouse of altruistic attitude, ensuring his kin and appreciating abundance and solaces of life.


Lakshmi Yog depends on the strength of the Lagna ruler, the ninth master, and Venus. As the name proposes, this Yog has especially to do with the abundance. Here the ninth ruler is set in a quadrant indistinguishable from the Moola-trikona sign, and the Lagna ruler had strength, is set in his magnification sign in a quadrant. The native brought into the world in Lakshmi Yog will be a ruler of kinda genial for his ideals, administering over huge native, widely acclaimed for his learning, attractive as Cupid, bowed to the lords from the farthest native of earth and having a few spouses and children. If the ninth ruler and Venus are in their praise or own signs in quadrants or thirds, cause Lakshmi Yog. One brought into the world in Lakshmi Yog appreciates consistently the very much refined woman; such an individual is valorous, is equipped for securing his men, and is honored by goddess Lakshmi. The native remaining parts sound and appreciate a wide range of transports. This native satisfies all, for his beneficent manner and is the lord of rulers.

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