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Hamsa/Hans Yoga in Astrology

Hamsa Yoga in Astrology

Hamsa Yoga is formed when Jupiter is positioned in a quadrant from the Lagna (ascendant) in its exaltation, Moolatrikona, or its sign, and is endowed with strength. This auspicious combination of planetary influences significantly affects individuals born under its influence.


Individuals born under Hamsa Yoga are characterized by their righteous disposition and pure thoughts. They are highly respected in society due to their virtue and noble actions. Their idealistic outlook and adherence to moral values contribute to their reputation as individuals of high integrity.

These individuals have a penchant for indulging in royal cuisines and are appreciated by dignitaries and honourable people. Their refined taste and appreciation for luxury are often evident in their preference for extravagant and regal meals. Such individuals are seen as connoisseurs of fine dining, and their culinary preferences reflect their refined and sophisticated nature.


Commenting on the specific conditions for the formation of Hamsa Yoga, it is important to note that this configuration is not feasible for fixed signs in the Lagna. The standard or movable signs can give rise to Hamsa Yoga when Jupiter is appropriately positioned. The adverse effects of quadrangular possession are nullified when Jupiter forms Hamsa Yoga for Gemini and Virgo Lagnas. However, Jupiter must be strong, free from combustion, and unafflicted by malefic influences.

Physically, individuals born under Hamsa Yoga are described as having a ruddy face and a prominent nose. They possess great vitality and exhibit a wheatish complexion. Their cheeks are complete, and their nails have a rosy hue. These individuals have a melodious and swan-like voice, which adds to their overall charm and charisma.


Their constitution tends to be sluggish, and they may have a laid-back approach to life. However, they possess unique characteristics such as the trident, fish, or arrows on the palms and soles of their feet. These markings symbolize their connection to higher realms and may indicate their potential for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Individuals born under Hamsa Yoga are known for their honey-coloured eyes and round-shaped head. They are strongly interested in water-related activities and enjoy indulging in aquatic sports and leisurely pursuits. Their sexual fulfilment is often associated with having multiple partners or polyamorous relationships.


Individuals born under Hamsa Yoga are believed to have a long lifespan, often reaching the remarkable age of 100 years. However, their final years are said to be spent in seclusion, residing in the tranquillity of the forest. This withdrawal from worldly affairs allows them to reflect on their life experiences and seek spiritual enlightenment before departing from this earthly realm.

So Hamsa Yoga, formed when Jupiter is favourably positioned, bestows individuals with a range of positive attributes and unique qualities. From their righteous disposition and respected stature to their enjoyment of fine dining and affinity for water-related activities, these individuals lead different and fulfilling life. Their physical characteristics, markings, and geographical associations add further depth to their personality, while their long lifespan culminates in introspection and spiritual growth.

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