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Hamsa/Hans Yoga in Astrology

Hamsa Yoga in Astrology

Jupiter in a quadrant from the Lagna in his exaltation, Moolatrikona or own sign and supplied with strength causes Hamsa Yoga. 


The individual brought into the world under Hamsa yoga will be of righteous disposition, pure in considerations, regarded for the most part, idealistic, devouring royal dishes appreciated by honorable men and will have the markings of a fish, conch, lotus, and Ankusha on his hands and soles of feet. 


The position described above isn't feasible for the fixed signs in the Lagna. It is the common or movable signs, which as the Lagna, can shape the hamsa yoga. The disasters of quadrangular possession disappear when Jupiter forms hamsa yoga for the Gemini and Virgo Lagnas. The condition is, Jupiter ought to be strong, being neither combust nor-distressed by the malefic. 

The natives brought into the world in hamsa yoga will have a ruddy face, raised nose, extraordinary virility, wheatish appearance, full cheeks, ruddy nails, swan-like voice, apathetic constitution, characteristics of trident, fish, arrows, etc. on the soles and palm, honey shaded eyes and round head. He will be fond of sporting in water and will be fulfilled sexually in any event, being with a few females. He will weigh 1600 Tulas and 96 angular tall. He will run Shoorsena, Gandhara, and regions between the Ganges and Yamuna. It will wind up his 100 years' life span in the woods.

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