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Gola Yoga in Astrology

Jupiter, Venus, and the full Moon be in the ninth from the Lagna, and in the Navamsa graph, Mercury is in the Lagna, the subsequent Yoga is Gola yoga.


The native brought into the world under Gola Yoga will be the missionary of wisdom, dear to the lord, enlighting the gathering by his essence, a learned in sacred writings and expressive arts, a preceptor of greatness and enduring.


The Yoga lays accentuation on the psychological components, viz; the full Moon and Mercury ascending in the Navamsa graph. The full Moon with Jupiter and Venus is a top factor for high idealism and enthusiastic comprehension of the otherworldly information. Gola Yoga is apparently a Gajakesari Yoga significantly more than it since Venus is likewise conjoined. Accordingly, the outcomes are propitious.

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