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Gauri Yoga in Astrology

The Moon must be in a quadrant or ternary identical, her exaltation or own sign, and be aspected by Jupiter, Gauri Yoga is comprised.


The native brought into the world in Gauri Yoga will be enriched with a splendid and attractive body, a companion of royal individuals having virtues and children, vanquishing his enemies and will be appreciated. His face will be radiating a lotus-like smile, and his family heredity will be appreciated.


In Hindu Astrology, the Moon is the key for each achievement, dependability, and nobility of the psyche. In Gauri, Yoga stress is laid on the strength of the Moon.

In the event that the Navamsa lord of the tenth lord is in the tenth house with the Lagna lord indistinguishable with his exaltation sign, and so the result is Gauri Yoga. This Gauri Yoga additionally supports the tenth house and the Lagna, which are likewise the critical components for worldly honors.

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