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Gajkesari Yoga in Astrology

Gajkesari Yoga

In Vedic astrology, Gajakesari Yoga is the most propitious and powerful Yoga. It is formed when Jupiter occupies a Kendra from the Moon. Jupiter, the giant planet in the solar system, is known to be the planet of great abundance. This planet signifies lots of wealth and wisdom. Also famous as Brihaspati or Guru, the planet indicates worship and devotion and sheds light on wealth and children. On the contrary, the moon signifies joy, kindness, and prosperity. It is formed when both come together in the Kendra/Trine houses. Jupiter has to be in the Kendra from the Moon to allow the formation of this Yoga.

How is Gajkesari Yoga formed in the Horoscope/Kundli?

Gajkesari Yoga is formed in the native’s horoscope under the following conditions:

  • As per Vedic astrology, it is believed that this yoga proves effective in the Bhukti periods of Jupiter and Moon. Besides, it is formed during the Antardasha periods of these planets. The natives having this yoga in their horoscope will grow rich due to the divine grace and sincere work when Mars, Jupiter, and Moon lies in the Cancer sign. Besides, the presence of Jupiter in the Pisces, Cancer, and Sagittarius indicates that the native will become rich and prosperous.

  • The native with a strong Jupiter often shine throughout their lives and blessed with peace of mind, wisdom, prosperity, helping nature, and happiness. 

  • Powerful Jupiter also makes natives feel interested in various professions, such as astronomy, law, consultancy, administration, management, etc.

  • On getting deeper into Jupiter, one will find that Purvbhadrapada, Visakha, and Punarvasu are the three constellations of Jupiter, while the second, fifth, and ninth houses contain Jupiter as Karaka. Venus and Mercury are rivals, whereas Mars, Sun, and Moon are considered favorable and friendly planets. Another noticeable thing is that Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are neutral to Jupiter. It has been observed that Jupiter remains positive in the fourth and tenth houses. When it is in the first house, it gets the much needed directional strength.

Effects of Gaja Kesari Yoga

  • Gaj means elephant, and Kesari means lion. The combination of these two words forms Gaja Kesari. Both animals are influential and powerful. According to Rishi Parashar, if this Yoga is formed in anyone’s horoscope, he is efficient and capable, gets all luxuries, comforts, and conveniences, and occupies a higher position in his profession. He may be proficient in a debate, arguments, and creative arts and highly intellectual.

  • Gaj is the personification of knowledge and intelligence. Gaj or elephant does not feel proud of his exceptional capabilities. He knows how to use strength and abilities wisely. This Yoga also gives the individual prosperity and sharp intellect. It also increases the longevity of the native.

Benefits of Gajkesari Yoga

According to Vedic astrology, the 7th house of the native’s birth chart is for marriage, and even this yoga operates in the 7th house. Its effects on this pious relation are highly propitious and favorable. Under it, he will reap marital bliss and will be blessed with a good wife hailing from a good family background. Besides, this yoga can also force the native for the early marriage. Thus, the native can expect for successful married life.

Thus, Gajakesari Yoga is highly auspicious for the native and bestows lots of prosperity and abundance on him. Not only does it provide intellectual abilities to the native, but also great material wealth. The native will get lots of opportunities to earn money. The only condition required for this yoga is that both Moon and Jupiter are favorable to each other.

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