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Durdhara Yoga in Astrology

Durdhara Yoga in Astrology

In the event that there are planets aside from the Sun on one or the other side of the Moon, the arrangement is named Durudhura Yoga. 


The individual brought into the world under Durudhura Yoga will be abundant, will appreciate gigantic riches and solaces.


By various arrangements of planets in the houses neighboring the Moon, the individual's psyche is hued by the attributes of those planets, and he continues to discover his place in this world likewise to appreciate influence and riches. There are 31 assortments of SunaphaYogas and a similarly similar number for AnaphaYogas, and there are 180 sorts of Durudhura Yoga changes. Planets around the Moon in weakness or some alternate way powerless don't cause a decent quality Durudhura Yoga. 

Contrasted with Sunapha and AnaphaYogas, Durudhura Yoga is more successful and doesn't happen so oftentimes. The Moon is tremendously braced to yield great outcomes whenever flanked by the planets on both of its sides. 

One brought into the world in Durudhura Yoga will appreciate delights, be beneficent, and blessed with abundance, movements, and great serving power. In the above Yogas, the term 'aside from the Sun' is utilized on the grounds that the Moon close to the Sun is not a benefic being frail in PakshaBala. It is the strength of the Moon which is instrumental in these Yogas and other Lunar Yogas. 

Some significant combinations are

The subject with the Moon among Mars and Mercury will be untruthful, however justified and sharp. He will be debased, heavy-handed and eager and dependent on unchaste ladies.' 

The subject with the Moon among Mars and Jupiter will be famous, claims fortunes because of his powerful efforts, however, annoyed by adversaries. 

The subject with the Moon among Mars and Venus will be interesting, appealing, barbarous, merry, righteous, rich, yet turn ethical quality. 

The subject with the Moon among Mars and Saturn will be dependent on abominable ladies, furious, rich, tricky, battling with various adversaries, yet solid and construct. 

The subject with the Moon among Mercury and Jupiter will be devout, acquainted with consecrated sacred writings, articulate, simple in resistance, related with respectable men, and of incredible notoriety. 

The subject with the Moon among Mercury and Venus will be knowledgeable in moving, music, lovemaking, attractive, astute and will be of brave disposition and pleasing discourse. 

The subject with the Moon among Mercury and Saturn will be adored, have moderate riches and learning, unwilling to his kiths and kinfolks, and will wander in unfamiliar terrains. 

The subject with the Moon among Jupiter and Venus will be regal, prosperous, obliging, fearless, celebrated, and guiltless. 

The subject with the Moon among Saturn and Jupiter will be agreeable, proficient and learned, attractive, commendable, possessing abundance, mollifying forces, and modesty. 

The subject with the Moon among Venus and Saturn will be an innovator in his clan, married to antiquated frameworks, will have a lot of abundances, will appreciate regal courtesies, and will master a band of useless females. 

On the off chance that the Moon be in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu or if Rahu involves twelfth house from the Moon, or if the planet delivering Durudhura Yoga be discouraged or clouded by the Sun's beams, the impact of the Yoga will be of the blended sort to the individual therein.

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