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Dhwaja Yoga in Astrology

The planets in strength must be put severally in each other's sign, and one of them, in any event, be set in the Lagna, Dhwaja Yoga is caused.


The native with Dhwaja Yoga will gain notoriety, fortitude, and shrewdness. He will be preferred in regal circles and will be rich. He will be flightily disapproved likewise if the trade is with Trika lords.


The planets in Dhwaja Yoga get the characteristics of the sign they exchange with another planet and yet feel glad as though they are in their signs. One out on such planets in the Lagna significantly upgrades the nature of the Lagna by having procured the characteristics of two signs.

Apart from that, the horoscope of Late Prime-Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi also included four such planets. There is likewise a couple 6/8 situation which does demonstrate adamancy and undemocratic perspectives now and again. The part of Jupiter from a fixed sign to the Moon the Sun and Mercury, and Mars aspects the Sun and Mercury added strongness and possessiveness in her character.

28 Yogas are outlined by the trading of houses by promising lords, ie. Lords of first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses. 27 Yogas are outlined by the trading of over nine lords (counting the third lords) with the Trika (sixth, eighth and twelfth) lords. 8 Yogas are brought about by the trading of the third lord with the propitious house lords. 3 Yogas are shaped by the trading of the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

Subsequently, each of the 66 Yogas is outlined, including 3 Yogas framed by the trading of Trika lords among themselves. These Yogas are named MahaYogas in PhalaDeepika.

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