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Devendra Yoga in Astrology

The Lagna be a fixed sign, the lord of Lagna be in the eleventh and the eleventh lord be in the Lagna and the lord of the second be in the tenth or tenth lord be in the second, the subsequent Yoga is Devendra.


The native brought into the world in Devendra Yoga will be glad, well off, and getting a charge out of all solaces all through life. He will have an attractive physical body and be equivalent to a king in status.


Interchange of houses by the Lagna and eleventh lord means satisfaction, everything being equal. The fixed sign rising and the second lord in the tenth make one be very much set professional to get gigantic benefits. The strength of the lords chooses the status of the horoscope.

The Lagna be fixed sign, the Lagna lord is in the Lagna, the second lord mercury in the tenth, the tenth lord be in the second and the eleventh lord in strength be in the Lagna. This setup is conceivable just for Scorpio Lagna and comes up short for Taurus, Leo and for the Taurus Lagna native Venus in the Lagna and the second lord Mercury in the tenth has grim opportunities to happen, for Mercury and Venus must be at most extreme 28 degrees and 48 degrees away from the Sun. For Leo Lagna, the second and eleventh lord is Mercury. How might he be in the Lagna and tenth simultaneously? Likewise, for Aquarius Lagna, the second and eleventh lord is Jupiter.

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