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Chaturmukh Yoga in Astrology

Jupiter must be in a quadrant from the ninth house (third, sixth, or twelfth from the Lagna), Venus is in a quadrant from the eleventh house (second, fifth, eighth, or eleventh from the Lagna), and Jupiter and Venus have traded signs, the subsequent Yoga is Chaturmukha.


One brought into the world in Chaturmukha Yoga will be directing glory and honor, sovereign, knowing royal codes, successful, learned, and having a long life.


Yoga appears to present clerical powers and praises. The Yoga is best framed for the Aquarius Lagna native when Jupiter is in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius in the ninth and the eleventh individually.

The Yoga is shaped in an ideal manner for a Taurian, if Venus is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Libra, in the eleventh and sixth houses separately. In spite of the fact that the sixth and the twelfth houses are quadrants from the ninth house, yet Jupiter doesn't feel extremely upbeat in these houses and other Trika houses. The readers can enjoy the stage and mixes for the other Lagnas moreover. Venus in a quadrant from the eleventh house helps up pay, and Jupiter in a quadrant from the ninth is propitious for fortunes and respects.

The Viranchi Yoga portrayed before is likewise Brahma yoga named as Viranchi Yoga in PhalaDeepika.

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