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Chanda Yoga in Astrology

Rahu must be in the tenth, and the tenth lord with Saturn be in the third house, Chanda Yoga results.

A planet exalted in Lagna be conjunct with the third and ninth lords and be aspected by Mars causes Chanda Yoga.

The third lord must be exalted, Jupiter be in the third house and be aspected by Venus, the subsequent Yoga is Chanda.


The native with Chanda Yoga will be driven and valiant in accomplishing his objectives. He will adhere to the reason and have ceaseless energy to win his desire.


Rahu in the tenth is an incredible recipient for gains from the latest things and convictions, and the tenth lord with Saturn in the third house makes one deceitful too if the two are frail by sign situation. Rahu in the tenth consistently inclines to a component of eagerness.

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