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Chamara Yoga in Astrology

When the Lagna ruler is in a quadrant in his magnification sign and is aspected by Jupiter, the coming about Yog is Chamara. 

When the two benefic planets be in the Lagna, seventh, ninth, or tenth house, the Yog framed is named as Chamara. 


A native brought into the world in the Chamara Yog will be either a logician, insightful, capable in sacred writings, expressive, or one held in high regard. 


In the primary kind, the Lagna master is given strength, while in the second sort, both of the three quadrants going out is fortified. Phaladeepika places it in an alternate manner, viz, the la be involved by a benefic while the Lagna master is in a ber house or worship. Sata Manjari Raja Yog puts it like this, viz, the fourth, be commended, and his magnification ruler is in the tenth house. The Lagna master is in the ninth house, the subsequent Yog on Chamara.

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