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Brahma Yoga in Astrology

Brahma Yoga in Astrology

It must be the profitable planets in the second, twelfth and fifth houses separately regarding the second lord of the second lord.

Jupiter, the Moon, and Mercury must be in the fourth, ninth, and eighth houses individually regarding the seventh lord.

The Sun, Venus, and Mars must involve the fourth, tenth, and eleventh houses individually from the lord of the Lagna; the above Yogas in the arrangement are called Hari, Hara, and Brahma Yogas.


The native brought into the world under these Yogas will be knowledgeable in sacred lore, honest in speech, possessed of satisfying habits and solaces, brave, triumphant over enemies, beneficent to every living being, and righteous.


This Yoga is named Trimurti Yoga in BrihatParasara Hora Sastra, addressing the trinity of Hindu divine beings. In Brahma Yoga, the succession of the planets does with the grouping of houses as the best lengthening of Venus from the Sun can be just 48°. Just in case the Sun is in the fourth, how can Venus be in the tenth, and it isn't achievable even in the higher latitudes, regardless of whether we figure the Yoga from the houses than from the signs.

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