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Amala Yoga in horoscope

When the tenth house from the Lagna or the Moon is involved with a benefic, Amla Yog results.


The native brought into the world under Amla Yog will be enriched with truly enduring popularity and unfailing flourishing till the end of his life.


The strength of the Lagna or the Moon and especially of the planet in tenth is essential here. Due thought is to be offered to sign and perspectives to the tenth house where the benefic planet is secured. It is said that any planet in the tenth gives prosperity in his Dasa-Bhukti, albeit the malefic gives after supported endeavors and maybe through sketchy methods. Simultaneously a gravely positioned malefic is without a doubt not for making one a man of character. Amla implies unadulterated, so convincingly we can derive that more grounded the benefic in the tenth, unequivocally through reasonable methods the prosperity and affluence will be accomplished.

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