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Fasting is done on every day of the week

Weekly Fast

Fasting has special significance in India. A fast has a religious plus scientific implication. In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a specific deity. Fasting cannot be observed every day. That's why people fast only on particular days of the week. Each day of the week has a characteristic, and there are numerous folklores associated with the fasts observed on those days that you are about to read.

Fasts to be observed on each day of the week

A particular god is venerated on each day of the week, and fasts are also observed to seek blessings from God. Let us know about those fasts –

Sunday Fast

People generally have a holiday on Sundays. Lord Surya or the Sun God is worshiped on this day. Whoever observes a fast on this day eats only once a day. Consumption of oil and salt is prohibited, and red flowers are offered to the Sun God.

As told earlier, the person fasting eats only once a day and only after sunset. Salt, oil, and fried foods are also not to be consumed, and along with this, before starting the prayer, red sandalwood paste is applied on the forehead.

It is believed that Sunday fast fulfills all your wishes. For people who have skin problems, this fast is beneficial.

Monday Fast

Monday is dedicated to Mahadev or Lord Shiva. It is believed that it is very easy to make Lord Shiva happy. This is the reason why many people fast on this day. Whoever observes a fast on this day eats once a day. People who observe fast go to the temple of Lord Shiva and worship. Especially on this day, Ardhanarishvara is worshipped.

Devotees chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' during the worship. Along with this, many devotees also recite Shiv Puran. Especially this fast is kept by unmarried women for getting a good husband. And all other devotees observe this fast for the attainment of happy and prosperous family life. In the evening, food is eaten only after offering prayers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. But before worshiping any god, one must worship Lord Ganesh`. In the month of Shravan, Fasting on Monday can be more beneficial.

Tuesday Fast

Tuesday Fast is dedicated to Hanuman ji, and Maa Durga. Many devotees visit the temple of the Goddess and Hanuman on this day. The thumb rule of fasting on this day is the non-consumption of salt.

The name of Tuesday is derived from the planet Mars, and many people believe that Mars is related to problems. By observing fast on this day, one can get rid of all kinds of ill effects. Red color has special significance on this day.

Hanuman Ji is worshiped on Tuesday almost all over India, but here you have to understand that different deities are worshiped on this day in different parts of India. Like in South India, Skanda Ji or Murugan Ji or Kartik is worshipped. But generally, Lord Hanuman is worshiped on this day. By observing this fast, a person is bestowed with happiness and wealth.

Wednesday Fast

By observing any fast with devotion as per the rituals, one gets the benefits. In astrology, Mercury is measured to be the planet that bestows calm nature. Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, and Wednesday fast is observed to seek his blessings. By observing this fast, positive results are obtained in education, illness, intellect, and business.

Lord Ganesh is considered above all gods and goddesses, and he is worshiped before all the gods. So, it would not be wrong to say that Ganesh is worshiped daily. Yet, if a person observes a fast on this day, then all the troubles will end. There is a belief that whoever starts this fast should be kept until the following 7 Wednesdays. Those who observe a fast on this day should wake up before sunrise, bathe, and wear clean clothes. Before worshiping Lord Ganesha, keep flowers, incense sticks, lamps, camphor, sandalwood, and chant Om Ganapataye Namah 108 times.

Thursday Fast

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu and all his incarnations are worshiped on Thursday. The use of milk, ghee, and yellow-colored items is done. It is believed that wearing yellow clothes on Thursday fasting and worshiping Lord Vishnu can give good results. According to Hindu religious texts, Vishnu Fast is considered good. On this day, wearing yellow clothes, banana leaves are worshipped, and Vishnu is offered banana or yellow sweets.

On this day, the people who fast eat only once a day, in which it is required to have Channa Dal and Ghee.

Friday Fast

Friday is considered to be the day of the Goddess Durga. There is also a custom of offering sweets to Goddess Lakshmi, Santoshi Maa, Annapurneshwari, and Durga. Whoever observes a fast on this day eats food only at night. As we already told you, as every day of the week is dedicated to some god, then Friday is dedicated to Shakti. The planet Venus is also worshiped on this day.

Most people worship Santoshi Mata, who is also known as the incarnation of Shakti on this day. Many devotees observe a fast on this sixteen Fridays/Solah Shukravar vrat. White clothes are given special importance on this day.

Along with these, Venus is also worshiped on this day, which is considered the planet of happiness. Planets in Astrology have special importance in astrology. Durga, Kali, and other forms of Shakti are worshiped on this day, and it is considered very auspicious. The Friday fast begins with the rising of the sun and ends with the setting. Kheer or milk is also offered to Maa Shakti on this day. Whoever observes a fast on this day eats only once a day.

Saturday Fast

Many people keep fast on Saturday, especially those who observe this fast, on which Shani or Saturn is having a negative effect. Apart from this, Goddess Kali also get worshiped on saturday. On this day, people wear black clothes and visit the Shani temple or Navagraha temple in the morning and evening.

In Saturday fast, special care is given to the fact that fasting people take food only once a day. On this day, people worship Lord Shani along with Hanuman.

It is believed that when Shani Dev is furious, Lord Hanuman saves his devotees from the wrath of Shani Dev. This is the reason why Hanuman is also worshiped on Saturday.

The people who know even a little about astrology must have learned about Saturn. Navagrahas are also there in many temples, of which Saturn is one. On Saturday, devotees visit the Shani temple and offer sesame and sesame oil. Shani loves black color, so his idol is also black and the devotees observing fast on this day also wear black clothes.

These were the fasts observed on different days of the week. Apart from this, there are other fasts and rituals you can read from our website.

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