Toilet Vastu Tips - Toilet Direction and Facing as Per Vastu

vastu for toilet

Are you facing severe health and financial issues? Are there any health problems related to the circulatory system? Are your payments either get blocked or delayed? Have you lost you are of peace of mind, goodwill, and brand name badly?

If yes, Pl checks your Toilet/Bathroom.

Maybe this is because of the direction of your bathroom  

Yes, check to know whether it is Vastu compile or not? **

Vastu for Toilet/Bathroom Tips

Vastu for toilets and bathroom deserves extraordinary attention. This is a single area of the house which generates maximum energy and needs to plan it very carefully. 

Sometime before toilets were located outside the house and avoiding negativity coming in. With an increase in flats and any apartment culture, there is limited space available wherein you can place toilets or bathrooms. 

That is why you must design the wrong toilet direction to avoid any negativity which is coming in. In this article, we shall answer the common question with regards to Vaastu for toilet and bathrooms. We will reveal the best and worst location, any internal arrangement of items, joint problems, etc. which you must apply to make Vaastu compliant toilets and bathrooms in the house.

Why pay special attention to Vastu for Toilets and Bathrooms?

Suppose toilets are placed incorrectly placed one of the prominent for causing some significant health and financial problems. And some stronger anger is that they are mostly ignored. Many people have faced difficulties, and they are still challenging some others, many people face troubles and issues with Vaastu non-complaint bathrooms and toilets. 

Some of the widespread problem which is faced due to incorrect placement in different directions.

Toilet in North East

A worst possible placement of toilet seat. It causes severe health and financial issues. 

It blocks the flow of ideas and thoughts, which can lead to poor decision making. 

Toilet placed in North East causes a severe neurological problem and is one of the significant reasons for paralysis.

Toilet in East

Toilet in East results in a poor connection and limited social circle. People don't find the right partners who can help them to excel. Looking for a suitable life partner don't see a suitable match. 

It can also cause health disorders related to liver and gall bladder. Toilet also leads to a health problem that is related to the circulatory system.

Toilet in South East

Placing the toilet can cause severe cash crunch will lead to financial losses. For people in business, payment can get blocked or delayed. 

A toilet can lead to serious health issues, and it mainly affects females of the house. It can also lead to delay in marriage. For expecting mothers, the toilet can seriously risk the health of the unborn child.

Toilet in South

It's a fundamental direction for the longevity of residents and buildings. Making toilet can jeopardize both. A bathroom can lead to loss of peace of mind and other health problems that are related to the digestive system. A toilet can lead to loss of peace of mind and health problems associated with the digestive system. 

It can attract a lot of court cases and draw the attention of income tax, police department, etc. 

A toilet in the south affects goodwill and brand name.

Toilet in South West

It's called Pitra Sthaan, and the toilet is strictly prohibited. 

South West direction represent the Mooladhara chakra within the body, it is responsible for health. Toilet will certainly cause instability in life and hamper family relations. 

Toilet in West

West is the direction of profit, gains, motivation, and expansion. For people in business for financial planet profit and business expansion, a toilet causes multiple hurdles. 

If you ever feel reaching the point of success and get stuck at some last moment or step, the toilet could be one of the significant reasons.

Toilet in North West

Toilet can hamper the foundation of anything in life. It can cause delays in the construction of buildings or a disturbing foundation of relationships. North West toilet is responsible for property disputes as per Vaastu Shastra. 

You will never find support from the right people once you need the most. A toilet in North West can hamper savings and investments.

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Toilet in North

The direction of lord kuber- the god of wealth, North is the most promising direction which helps earn money. Toilet constructed will block every opportunity to make money and can put brakes in career and job promotions. 

Best Placements 

Toilets are the activity of disposal. We can flush out the waste matter. Their correct placement is essential. The ideal investment for shower and installation for toilet and bathrooms:

East of North East

North-East space is an excellent positioning of a bathroom (just for bathing purposes and not a seat). These energies of Zone make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Bathing is the best activity which can help you feel fresh. Thus, for the bathing purpose, this area is ideal. 

They are draining water on bodies activities Swadisthana Chakra (representing the water element). The mental state changes after bathing; we can feel a surge of energies. If the internal powers get support from the external environment, results are magnified. The strengths of this Zone are helping in achieving precisely that. 

Thus, by making a bathing area is excellent. 

However, you can strictly avoid placing and using commode/ WC here.

East of South East

The East of South East is a great place to position the toilet. All the energies of the Zone are favourable and conducive to the process of flushing out the waste. 

A toilet position in the East of South East direction reduces excessing agitation of mind, and it limits the analytical tendencies of residents. It removes the problem of anxiety and panic attacks.

South of South West

It's perhaps the best place which positions the toilet. Being in the Zone of disposal- energies of all this area are capable of disposing of all the wasteful stuff which forms our lives. It can be any waste whether human, emotional or mental waste or any useless relationships-this is the best Zone which disposes of whatever is futile for us.

West of the North West Direction 

According to the ancient text on Vastu, this area is responsible for releasing the blocked emotion in minds. The documents advise making a 'Rodan Graha' or a place to cry and release out all the blocked emotions. Making a toilet is advisable. Doing so will help the resident to release and remove the blocked emotions in their minds and hearts. 

It releases negative emotions from the system, relaxes both mind and heart. The physical body follows and becomes disease-free 

Thus, its an excellent place for the position of the toilet.                                   

Guidelines for Internal arrangements of Toilet and or Bathroom

a) Placement if Commode or WC in South or northwest Wall of the toilet. 

b) It's better if you align in the North-South axis. 

c) Geyser and Electrical fitting should be placed in the southeast or south. 

d) Wash Basin and Mirror, according to Vaastu, is best on North or East walls. 

e) The bathing area should be placed in North-East or East. 

f) Cupboards or other storage should be placed in the Western Walls. 

Dos and Don'ts

1. You should be avoiding toilet seat in North East or South West Corner. 

2. Toilet in center of house or Brahmasthan is a not possible. 

3. The flow of water in bathroom is to be placed in South to North or from West to East. In some other words, the toilet floor should be sloping towards the North or East. 

4. WC or Commode slightly higher platform than the rest of the floor level. 

5. You should never place the toilet next to the Pooja Room, according to Vaastu Shastra. 

6. It should be strictly avoided by placing the toilet directly above or below the Pooja Room. 

7. Placing the toilet window in the East or northwest direction.

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  • Which is the best toilet seat direction/best facing for toilet seat as per Vastu Shastra?

    The face direction of the toilet seat is much relevant. Living in the modern world of flats and apartments where its a practically not possible to changing the toilet seat facing direction as per convenience. And it is not necessary. 

    The only vastu for toilet thumb rule is avoiding facing the East once sitting on the toilet seat. Toilet seat facing East, the direction of the rising sun, should always be avoided.

  • Can Kitchen and Toilet have a common wall, or they can be placed next to each other?

    It's another vastu myth that floats around a lot of people who believing the Kitchen and toilet can never have a common wall. 

    The truth is that Kitchen and bathroom can be next to each other so long as they are in the correct zones. 

    As it is already mentioned above, the East of South East is a perfect location for the toilet. One of the best placements for the Kitchen is South East and the Zone next to East of South East. 

    Thus, Kitchen and bathroom can have a shared well, and it can be next to each other, which is provided with correct placement as per Vastu.

  • Can a toilet be positioned under the staircase?

    Complementing the construction of the bathroom or toilet under the staircase, it's more important to check the Vastu Zone in which you have to construct the toilet. 

    If the toilet is positioned in the correct Zone-like West of North West or South of South West, making the same under the staircase is not a problem. 

    Making toilets under the staircase helps to make the optimum use of space. Thus, what is more, important is the construction of the incorrect toilet Zone as per Vastu even if it falls under the staircase. 

    Once constructed incorrect Zone, the toilet will produce a positive result- no matter if it is positioned under the staircase. 

    There are mixed theories concerning the construction of the toilet under the staircase.