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vastu for home

Our house is the reflection of our life. It reflects our state of being – our joys and sorrows, health and wellbeing, money and prosperity, etc. It is the place where we go back to when we’re tired and exhausted from the chaotic world around us.

Vastu for home offers several solutions to ensure that your home is generating the right energies at all times. **

Vastu Tips for Home

Now let me explain to you everything about Vastu for home. 

The definition of vastu is a residence that is the home for God and humans. Vastu Shastra is dependent upon different energies, which originate from the atmosphere, such as solar energy from the Sun, cosmic energy. Lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, and wind energy. 

Energies can be adjusted for upgrading good power in the house. If your home is made according to principle, the residence enjoys happiness in life. If it's a Vaastu is the defect, the principals, and it can spot of all the kinds of issues, it might turn up classical references of Vaastu. In Rig-Veda, we found the construction of indrasan of Vishwakarma, the city made it underwater in Dwarika known as surbistpuri, etc. stressful, and hence they can't have any peace in life. 

According to Vastu expert of old times, for a good life, it is a necessity that you should have a right home. For acquiring a good home with all the attributes include:

1) Appropriateness of city according to the stars

2) Direction 

3) Soil 

4) Day 

5) Nakshatras and the construction should be according to the position of Vaastu Purush as Lord Brahma has made the body residing for the soul in the same way we have to make a harmonious house for the body where we live. 

There are five essential elements in any structure and a perfect harmony along with these elements, which bring prosperity, peace, and health to all its occupants.  

Five Elements of Vastu


Earth is the initial element of Vaastu. Earth or Prithivi has a particular influence on human lives as it has gravitation and magnetic qualities. Site selection for the house is the essential thing in the Vaastu. It is indispensable to check if each detail of the site before the construction, it includes the inspection of the plot's soil area and direction of the site, will help to stay healthy and fit.  


Water is the second important element of Vastu after Earth. However, water is the largest component of nature as over 80 percent of the body and two-thirds of the earth's surface is filled with water. In Vaastu, there is the proper direction for the placement of water sources. To get the maximum benefits, water sources need to be kept in north-east direction for the installation of water sources. To get the maximum benefit, water sources need to be held in the north-east direction of the house. North-East direction for water exerts positivity, so any aquarium, swimming pool, water tank, wells, and annoying need to be placed in the course, as mentioned earlier only. 


After Earth and Water, Fire or Agni is the most crucial element of Vastu. Fire is linked with Sun, known for the vitality and strength. Sun is primary source of Natural light and an essential source of energy. Vaastu provides a proper direction for the placement oSoutheastes, which can be in a South-East direction. Fire sources like kitchen fire and electrical southeasth should be placed in south-east direction to get very positive energy as well as benefits. In the house, proper ventilation for sunlight is essential as it is one of the natural sources of light for human beings.


Air is an important element of nature, without which all life will come to an end. The portion of air is related to our senses of touch and sound. This element has a very proper direction in Vaastu, which is the north-west direction. Air comprises various gases on earth, which are essential for human life, such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Vaastu provides a proper guideline for the placement of doors, windows, balconies, ventilation, the height of the home structure, and the arrangement of trees and plants. According to Vaastu, the air should enter the house from North-East direction.


Space has no limits. This element related to the sense of hearing. Based on numbers, space is filled with galaxies, Stars, Sun, Moon, Constellation, and the nine planets. Space influences humans and Vaastu provides proper guidelines for Space, and according to it, house construction should be in such a way that when light enters the central area of the house. This space should keep vacant in the house, and disturbance in space can prove to be very harmful.

With all the chaos in the world, it is difficult for an average human to cope up with energy and consistently surround him or herself with positive thoughts and vibrations. For few who can manage to do so, the challenges are enormous. 

Vastu plays an important role. It guides a design for a great space that generates positive energies, and it can help you to fulfill all the wishes by conveying them to the universe. 

Why is Vastu for home is so crucial?

House is a mirror of lives. It reflects our state of being- joys and sorrows, health and wellbeing, money and prosperity, etc. It is the place where we can go back once we are tired and exhausted from the chaotic world around us. 

If we don't feel at ease in your house, it's unlikely that we can feel the same way of like they think anywhere else. 

It should be proven as every house carries its energy, either positive or negative. The heat is so compelling that it has the power to influence the lives of people who is inhabitation in that space. Thus, it has become important which ensure that houses manifest positive energy all times. 

Vaastu Shastra for house provides several solutions which can ensure that your home should generate positive energies all the time. 

How does the Vastu impact the energies in your home?

We know that universe and humans are made of five main elements that are water, fire, earth, air, and space. These are defined as Pancha Mahabhutas. Vaastu Shastra is the science that helps you to align all these five elements within the body with the other five elements in our residence. When we follow all these Vaastu principles, we ensure that all the energies in our house reverberate with energy in-universe. 

While it's an ideology to implement these principles at the time of construction, the apartment structure of modern living makes it virtually impossible to achieve. Favorably, you need to have the same result with some minor changes that can't involve enormous modifications. This suggests some acceptable and straightforward solutions, just as changing the paint on the wall or simply reconstruct some furniture and other objects in the house. 

Here we are mentioning the top 10 Vaastu tips for the home which you can adhere strictly:

Main Entrance

Main entrance of your house is the doorway for wellbeing—the first point of contact between the energies of the world and powers within the home. Selecting a house is the first and essential point that you should give weightage to. 

An auspicious entrance can give a boost to your career, prosperity, and health. On the other hand, an unfortunate main entrance can make life look like a never-ending challenge. 

Old texts in Vaastu Shastra can lay down rules and guidelines to be noted in mind choosing the main entrance of your residence.  

For instance, the entrance in the East is to be auspicious while in the South is inauspicious. 

However, it is not always true.You will be very surprised to know it is very quite the opposite. 

Without any guidance from the expert advisors, it will be challenging to decide the entrance is decisive, which is harmful. It is recommended that it should never judge positivity or negativity from the main entrance, which is based on reading individual books or reading blogs or articles on the internet. 

Cuts and Extensions in the House structure

Another point to which most of the people tend to ignore is because either they are always negligent of the effect of cuts or extensions. They simply don't understand whether the structure even has a reduction or any extension. 

It is mentioned above, the house, like the representation of the human body. If an organ or part of the human body is either extended or missing, the body loses its optimum functioning abilities. Similar is the case of our residence. 

If any part of house is missing, most likely, you need to lose the aspect of life which part or any direction which represents. For example, the South-west part of your residence signifies overall stability in life. This led to the security of finance, health, or relationships. 

Missing South-West at home would mean a lack of stability in overall life, or any part of the house is extended beyond the normal limits; it could merely increase challenges south-eastside. For instance, the South-East corner of your home represents the cash flows and liquidity. 

You might be thinking that logic as an extended South-East should increase your cash flow.  It only increases the desire to earn more cash and will not increase real cash flow. If you desire to make more and more cash, you tend to lose some focus on goals and forget you need to forget the right action to reach all your objectives. Your mind will remain concentrated on earnings and not really to earn.

Clear the Clutter

One of the most common cause of blocked energies at home. And it is generally ignoring one. We tend to accumulate things that can think we what is needed in the future. However, a rule, if you haven't used something you have sorted for six months, you are unlikely to use it at all. 

Apart from taking valuable space at home, such accumulation also generates some negative energies and could stop positive energies from circulating. Vaastu is about the flow and circulation of electricity in living space. If powers are allowed freely to move in your house, even positively designed rooms and other structures fail to give the best results. 

If your mind has too much unnecessary information, it cannot process what is right and what is wrong. You should get disillusioned and can face mental blockages. 

If you have unnecessary stuff that is kept in the house in critical zones, it is essential to block the energies of the zone. 

Thus, it is recommended to keep your house always clean and free from any clutter for energies in circulating freely. 

Clean North-West Zone 

Amongst every direction, North East is a corner that gets the most amount of energy and for the right reason. 

All Vaastu texts, books, articles, and pundits lay a lot of emphases while safeguarding North-East zone of your residence. It is as an ideal place for the Pooja Room. The most important of the zone which can be understood from fact with that even minor fault or cut in the direction all other positive things and region that you can have in the house. 

This is just because the North East of the house corresponds to the head of the human body. Since your head controls the nervous system, it is a power center of the body—any defects in the direction which can lead to severe health and mental problem in any inhabitant. 

The defect can include a toilet, a kitchen, a septic tank in the zone. Even any cut in North-East direction will lead to a serious problem related to health and finances. Before choosing any house, it's very sure that you can't ignore any defect in direction and should keep it clean always. 

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Proper placement of Water Bodies like Underground Tanks

Among all the five elements, the water element plays a significant role in the wellbeing of individuals. The human body is 70% water. And the Earth Vaastu underground water tank. We know it very important for us to have a harmonious relationship with all the water elements. Water has quality flow, and thus in the human context, it should represent everything that flows within us- be it in blood and body fluids and even specific emotions, thoughts, and ideas. 

Proper placement of water bodies within the house will ensure a smooth and positive flow of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. 

Vaastu for home recommends underground water bodies like bore well, wells, and underground tanks should be placed in North, North East, East, and West Zones of house. 

Other than zones, if placed anywhere else, these bodies can disturb the flow of positive energies in the house. For example, such an underground water tank is situated in the south, and it can cause serious digestion problems and litigation and court cases. 

Placement of water bodies in the North West can lead to never-ending hurdles once constructing a property or even problems related to muscle and joints. Thus, it is essential to place water bodies in permitted zones. 

Placement of the Kitchen

The placement of your kitchen in your residence will decide the financial aptitude and amount of money which you earn in life. Kitchen Vaastu as Vaastu Shastra for home, the kitchen in the house is a representation of fire elements. In some other words, it is a symbolic form of cosmic fire. 

The importance of a fire element is something that we cannot emphasize enough. 

In some modern context, the fire element is related to cash that we earn or generation through activities. It is imperative in today's world, happiness, power, and wellbeing depend on the money you deserve. Life without cash bring invincible challenges and makes substantially hard. 

Thus, to ensure that you need to place the kitchen at home as per the rules of Vaastu Shastra. 

The southeast and south are the most suitable directions for the placement of the kitchen. In some cases, it is not possible to place the kitchen in these two directions, and there is some option that is available with specific arrangements that can go along with them.

Sculptures and Paintings

Since time immemorial, paintings and other sculptures is an integral part of the culture. Through ancient artwork, we know much about heritage today. 

Every other object in the house is known to have an impact on your life. Everything in the home creates an image at the sub-conscious level and defines feelings and emotions. Paintings and sculptures have no exception. 

Visual art and sculptures are potent resources for mental wellbeing. They create a direct effect on the brain and neural network. 

Therefore, artwork in house must invoke positive feelings and emotions in your mind. 

Art provides an extra degree of elegance to living space, which is supplied by chosen that can display it evidently. It is very important to note that Vaastu, every direction governs aspects of life and is also represented by elements. 

The South- West Zone governs the relationship with family, friends, or any other acquaintances. Displaying a family portrait in the zone is to strengthen bonds. 

On the contrary, if one displays the painting indicating war scenes or wild animals in this zone, it could certainly lead to conflict within the family. 

It is imperative to choose what you need to display in form painting or sculptures. 

Furniture and Woodwork

This is another factor which the vast majority are careless regarding. The sort of furniture you use in your home likewise assumes a significant job in your wellbeing and prosperity the antiquated messages on Vastu Shastra plainly express some kind of wood you should use for furniture and their belongings. The most significant highlight remember is that you ought never to utilize old wood from your past house to make furniture in another home (clearly if u can manage the cost of it). Another significant factor to consider isn't to utilize metallic furnishings or furniture made of artificial filaments. This is because such furniture has an extremely low vibrational recurrence when contrasted with regular wood. Everything familiar, be it wood or stone, has a lot higher positive repetition than misleadingly made stuff. By dozing on metal beds, one welcomes medical issues. This is because all metals make a specific degree of the electromagnetic field. Since we people are likewise electrical creatures, whenever we got close to metals, the body feels a particular degree of distress. Even though one may not feel it remotely, the psyche and the brainwaves undoubtedly contrarily influenced. We also suggest that children should consider sitting on a wooden seat and utilize a wooden table. They ought to just stay away from fiber or metallic furnishings. The characteristic positive vibrations of the wood will assist them with concentrating better.

False Ceiling

You may be thinking about what has the harmless false roof has to do with Vastu? It unquestionably has. In a relentlessly zapped world, bogus shelters have become a vital piece of the current design. They positively add flash to your stylistic layout improving the feel; however, they likewise accompany a large group of wellbeing risks. With statures of present-day roofs progressively dropping down because of space requirements, we effectively live with lower rooftops over our heads. A bogus roof under the first one cuts it further down a couple of scores. The outcome is progressively encased spaces and a less breezy condition. With current homes previously having lesser cross-ventilation, ACs have become a need to beat the warmth and mugginess. Add to it the heat produced by the lights introduced in bogus roofs, and the in-house temperatures have additionally gone up. This is an expansion in the utilization of cooling, which this way adds to an unnatural weather change.

Additionally, the electrical wiring in bogus roofs makes sure to make a variety of electromagnetic fields over your head. That unquestionably isn't useful for wellbeing. In this way, the weaknesses of the false roof by a wide margin exceed the points of interest, and one ought to keep away from them, however much as could reasonably be expected.

The Brahmasthan

No Vastu convention is finished without the notice of the Brahmasthan or the focal point of the house brahmasthan Vaastu. We realize that in the plan of nature's creation, everything rises and occurs from the focal point of any presence. The energies of your home are the same. The focal point of your home is the Brahmasthan or the sthaan (place) of Lord Brahma – the widespread maker. It is the spot where all the conceivable outcomes of appearance develop. No big surprise, practically all writings on Vastu unequivocally accentuation that one must keep the Brahmasthan away from any imperfections. While purchasing or developing any house, you should take the most extreme consideration to protect the sacredness of this part. One ought to never design any columns or dividers in the focal point of the space. Likewise, guarantee that there are no restrooms, flight of stairs of the kitchen directly in the focal point of your home. In case it can bring a ton of wellbeing and budgetary perils.


Your house is one of the most significant parts of your being. It is very spotted where you look for asylum every day. The way you develop, it will characterize the existence you live.

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