Pooja Room Vastu Tips - Know The Most Suitable Direction for Temple

pooja room vastu tips

Vastu for Pooja room is an essential part of the overall Vastu plan of the house. It depends upon your Pooja room's design that can define your home's global peace and happiness. 

As per Indian Culture, it emphasizes more on keeping a dedicated area in the house for Pooja or meditation. This acts as a sacred corner and zone for calmness in the house. 

Placement of room for Pooja and meditation brings very positive energies in the house. Designing the home as per Vastu enhances positivity in the environment around.

Vastu for Pooja Room

Placement of Pooja room in the East

As per Vedas, Sun is known as the "soul of the world." It is a source of elemental power, and East Sun rises in the east. Placing a home temple in the East can ensure the resident's assistance from the rising SunSun's powerful glare. 

Vedic Scriptures in Yoga state the subtle mystic energy exists in the North Pole (cerebrum region) of the human brain. These centers are Sahasrara chakra, Brahmarndra, and Ajna Chakra. Meditating in the rising Sun activates the centers and awakens supernatural talent and power. 

Therefore, Pooja or meditating room in the East is a significant religious and spiritual understanding.

Pooja Room in North-East Direction 

Based on the texts, the Vaastu Purush was brought down towards earth, and his head should be in north-east direction. Therefore, Ishana Koan (northeast direction) plays the most significant role in helping individuals to connect with the divine. 

Energies of these zones also donate the mediator the gift of constructive judgment, compelling ideas. It should help him get answers to all his queries. This direction receives powerful rays of the rising Sun, which can purify the environment and brings positivity and prosperity in homes. 

Also, East face the northeast can help in rapid progress in some mental concentration. It is a special significance for the devotees of Lord Shiva.

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Placement of Pooja room in the West

As per ancient temples, churches, or places of worship, idols Westods are placed in the West. They face towards the east. 

It is a belief that deities should see the first ray of the rising Sun. Therefore, they should face the East. Also, the west direction's energies provide individuals with immense gains and profits in almost all aspects of life. 

Lord Varun (lord of water and all the celestial oceans) considered as the ruler of the west direction. He is a controller of the world and the backbone of morals and fairness.

Facing specific directions while doing Pooja

Authority recommends a specific spiritual practice for some superior attainments. The direction which has the devotee which faces while praying or meditating has a profound significance. 

These devotees are praying for wealth, which should face the north. Those who are aspiring for knowledge should also meet the east. For those searching for peace and happiness, the West is the best direction for the pooja room.

A single place to worship

There should be a single place of worship in the house. This place should focus on the adoration of family memebers. Every family member would feel refreshed in ambiance. It can also help in maintaining and understanding the peace, harmony, and love in the family.

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