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Overhead Water Tank Vastu

Overhead Water Tank Vastu

Overhead tanks make an essential part of a house or building. The water in the borewell or the well is pumped out to be stored in the overhead tank for various household works. As per Vastu Shastra, there are certain principles that people need to follow at the time of construction of a water pump in a building. The ancient monks and saints had made these principles, and, at present, it is a science or an extension of architectural engineering. If this water tank is kept in the right place, it will bring knowledge, wealth, and prosperity to that house or building. Useful tips for the placement of an overhead tank regarding Vastu are as follows:

इस पेज को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए पानी की टंकी हेतु सही वास्तु पर क्लिक करें।

Vastu Tips for Overhead Tank

  • The overhead tank placement is one of the principal factors that one should think about. The overhead tank should be placed either in the west or southwest direction to harness its Vastu effects.

  • It would help if you took excellent care while placing the overhead tank in the southwest direction. Maintain at least two feet distance over the uppermost slab. Due to the storage of water, the side becomes very heavy, which does wonders. Nevertheless, you should ensure that there is no dampness. The most appropriate thing would be to keep the tank on a slab, which lies at a greater distance than the house or building slab.

  • Although the northeast part is for the chief element—water, it is suggested not to keep a heavy and bulky overhead tank in the area. It is so because the side should bear the heavyweight under any condition whatsoever. Nevertheless, use a light-weighted tank.

  • Overhead tank kept in the south-east direction implies terrible omen and may result in the loss of wealth and fatal accidents. The effect of the overhead tank kept in the south direction has a medium effect. One should ensure that the tank is kept two feet above the roof' slab, and there is no leakage.  

  • Keeping the tank in the west side direction would be very advantageous as this direction is supposed to be Lord Varuna, who is lord of rains. There is a need for a slab under such a condition, and you can quickly get it built. 

  • Do not keep the overhead tank in the north-west direction. Nevertheless, if the tank's size is small with less height and lies at minimum two feet from the north-west corner, then it can be permitted. However, the water stored inside the tank is not used properly and gets exhausted earlier than the expected deadline.

  • Always avoid keeping the overhead tank in the middle. Bear in mind that this particular position is recognized as 'the Bramhasthan.' If there is heavy pressure on the Brahma, the life of people living in the house will get disturbed. One would desist from staying in the house for a long time. 

  • Do not use overhead tanks that are made up of plastic. While buying it, ensure that it is of black or blue color. From a scientific point of view, darker colors absorb sunrays in more quantity than lighter colors.

  • Use different tanks for different household works. For cooking and drinking purposes, use water from one tank and for bathrooms and toilets, use another tank. 

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