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Voice Report for Parent Child Relationship Compatibility  170

Voice Report for Parent Child Relationship Compatibility

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Rs. 5500.00

Voice report for Parent Child Relationship Compatibility 

This voice report is given by Dr Bajrangi himself after proper analysis of your Horoscope and other relevant divisional charts.

For taking details required for the online report, for paid registration, we always send a proper format for collecting your details, including that of the partner if required to your mail or WhatsApp.

Through this report, you will know:

  1. What could the points of bickering (disagreement) between you and your child?
  2. How can you strengthen weak points of your child?
  3. How can you mold your child in your family values?
  4. What needs to change within yourself to give comfort level to your child?

Timeline for the report: This report will be delivered in 4-5 working days from the date of making the payment.

Note: Please note that this voice report will be confined specific to the above area of concern only.

In case you have reached on this page directly, please click on astrology for parent child relationship to read more about Dr. Bajrangi's methodology of advising on such issues. After the initial report, you can ask if there are any specific queries related to this report on parent child relationship. However, such queries should be confined & relevant to this specific area of concern only.

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