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Online Report for Birth Time Rectification

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Online Report for Birth Time Rectification

The Online report for Birth time rectification needs a lot of inputs from you about some major events of your life. The synopsis of the same is given below. However, apart from the information on these events, Dr. Bajrangi may have to ask a few different things which will be case-specific. This is essential till the time he closes all the divisional charts one by one to reach your accurate birth time. This process cannot be uniform for all as finer charts & approximation in birth time would be different for all natives.

The online or written report, no doubt can be given but still, there can be an error. In the BTR process, since the onus of synchronising the birth time is with Dr. Bajrangi so he wants to be 100% sure before telling you your accurate birth time.

Here since the cost of the BTR Report & direct session with him is the same, it is "highly recommended" that you go for Direct Session for BTR.

Essential for BTR Process

Before taking a session for a BTR with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, you should have with you the date/month/year of important events of your life. It may not be exact but as close possible as one can remember.

This will not only save time as sometimes but also give you enough space to refresh your memory in noting down such details. Else there can be confusion in figuring out the dates instantly when you get connected with him. The important events can be anything like:

1. Marriage

2. Divorce

3. Birth of Kids/siblings.

4. Overseas assignments

5. Death of any family members.

6. Entering into disputes with anyone

7. Starting/closing of anything of significance.

8. Marriage/divorce of close family members (siblings)

9. Entering/exiting into any business or Job.

10. Any other thing of importance that has changed life since it has happened.

11. Any change of place within or outside the country.

All these events, he will refresh while talking to you & then proceed.

Timeline for the report: This report will be delivered in 4-5 working days from the date of making the payment.

Note: Please note that this online report will be confined specific to the above area of concern only.

Click on astrology for birth time rectification to read more about Dr. Bajrangi's methodology of advising on such issues. Also in this report, you have the flexibility to get answers to your subsequent queries, if any. But such queries should be relevant and related to this area of concern only.

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