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Will I get a Better Job in 2024?

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Will I get a Better Job in 2024?

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Many of us dream of landing a better job in 2024, but do you know your birth chart can tell whether that dream will come true? The online report on getting a better job in 2024 can help you know:


  • Will you get a better job in 2024?

  • Is there a job change or transfer shortly?

  • When can you expect this career upgrade?

  • Are there potential challenges in your new job?

  • Will your salary and benefits increase?

  • Can you count on job security after leaving your current one?

  • Will you get the job satisfaction?

  • Remedies to get a better job


Namaskar! I'm Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, and I often consult with people who want a career change or a better job. Job dissatisfaction can stem from various reasons, such as low pay, boredom, a bad work environment, or limited growth opportunities. But before delving into the root causes, let's explore what your kundli has to say!

Are you a happy person, or do you get upset easily?

First, figuring out if someone is often unhappy at work or has minor issues is crucial. Sometimes, people who get upset easily might think they need a new job for small reasons, only to regret it later. Checking the Kundli can help us understand if someone needs to change a job out of a personal nature or genuinely needs a new job. Sometimes, switching jobs to find a better one might not be a good idea. Year 2024 can take you both ways-upwards or downwards, so think before you decide!

Will I get a Better Job in 2024?

The planets in your birth chart can give insights into your 2024. Regarding your job or career, checking your birth chart can help you understand if you should look for better job opportunities. I analyze the effects of different planets to understand whether a job change will be a better option for you and, if yes, whether you will get one or not.

When will I get a Better Job?

Planets influence major life events. Once we determine the need for a job change, an astrologer can suggest when you'll likely receive good job offers. Sometimes, a new job might seem like an opportunity for professional growth, but you could later regret the decision. Changing jobs during a retrograde planet's transit increases the likelihood of leaving the new job soon. Therefore, assessing if you should pursue a new job is crucial to avoid potential unemployment.


Whether you'll land a better job in 2024 depends on your birth chart, current astrological period, and planetary movements. If these align favourably, your career can flourish. I analyze your birth chart, Navamsha, and Dashamsha charts for a detailed career outlook, even pinpointing the month when a better job may come your way in our comprehensive astrological report.

Will there be challenges in my New Job?

If your career and wealth houses have unfavourable influences, it can lead to job dissatisfaction, prompting you to search for something better.


Your 'dhan yoga' or wealth potential plays a vital role. If it's weak, no job change can bring the desired wealth. Additionally, malefic planets in the 'Lagna' or in conjunction with the 'Lagna' lord can make you restless, always pursuing better options yet never quite finding them.


Saturn can introduce delays, obstacles, conflicts, dissatisfaction, and a penchant for finding faults. You become a perfectionist and find it challenging to settle in one place. Rahu can create illusions and misunderstandings, while the Sun might lead to ego issues. Mars can make you over-enthusiastic, which can be challenging for co-workers. So, various planets can have different effects, leading to job dissatisfaction and keeping you looking for a new job. 

An online report for a Better Job

Our online job report offers a detailed career and job prospects overview. It provides a timeline-based analysis, helping you pinpoint favourable and challenging job periods. The report predicts potential job promotions and highlights months that support career growth. It also identifies negative periods, preventing you from making hasty decisions.


Sometimes, sticking to your current job may be wiser, as job changes can be temporary and lead to unemployment. The report offers suggestions that can lead to a higher-paying job without overexertion. When your horoscope and planetary alignments are favourable, nothing can hinder you from landing a better job.