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Online Report for Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

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Online Report for Horoscope Matching

The exclusive and unique features of this report include:

  1. Ashtkoota Milan
  2. Bhakoot Dosha
  3. Nadi Dosha
  4. Nakshatra matching
  5. Karaka matching
  6. Matching of compatibility and Longevity of marriage analysis.

Price : $ 61

Online report for Horoscope Matching

Marriage is not just about the coming together of two bodies but souls! A successful marriage depends upon harmony in the life partners' thoughts, temperaments and general attitudes.

Our online horoscope matching report provides comprehensive information about your overall compatibility. It aims to check all internal and external traits to eliminate any chances of a mismatch. 


Our exclusive online kundli matching report helps you know the following:

  1. Physical, Sexual, Mental and Financial Compatibility
  2. Ashtakoot Guna Matching Score
  3. Scientific Kundli Milan Based on Karakas and Nakshatras
  4. Longetivity of Marriage
  5. Kundli Dosha
  6. Cancellation or Counterbalancing of Dosha

Ashtkoota Guna Score: Kundli matching is about more than just the Ashtkoota Guna Score, which is only 10% of Kundli Milan. A high score doesn't guarantee a happy marriage, nor does a low score mean you won't have a blissful life. Here's where a master astrologer stands out!
Karaka and Nakshatra Matching: Matching the Vivah Karakas, moon sign, and nakshatra in various divisional charts can make a big difference. Thoroughly checking these factors before saying yes or no to a marriage proposal is required.
Longevity of Marriage:

  1. Health and Longevity of spouse
  2. Chances of separation or divorce

Kundli Dosha: While it's common to identify Kundli Dosha, our unique expertise lies in finding their cancellations. You can find:

  1. Mangal Dosha: Mangal Dosha can be there, but it gets cancelled or loses its strength through certain combinations in the partner's birth chart. Our report will indicate whether your Mangal Dosha is causing any harm in your marriage.
  2. Nadi Dosha: Nadi Dosha can cause problems in childbirth, but it can be cancelled or weakened through astrological combinations in the partner's birth chart. We check and inform.
  3. Bhakoot Dosha: Bhakoot Dosha might cause problems in psychological and sexual compatibility. Our report looks closely at cancellations and gives the most effective solutions. 

Make the most of this opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the dynamics of your upcoming family!