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The Session for astrological consultation with Dr Vinay Bajrangi. One can avail this session either meeting him in his base office at M 22 Sector 66, Noida, in major cities during his visits or Online on Skype /Zoom/ Telephone.

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Birth details are taken before the session for pre-analysis to optimise the quality time in session. Such analysis are based on relevant divisional charts and not only D-1 or Lagna chart.

There is a system of taking feedback post consultation to review the progress.

Karma correction/Remedial measures, if suggested are given in writing.

To assist on all post consultation queries, our support team remains associated with you.

The normal session lasts for 30 minutes. A few minutes (+ --) does not matter if the discussions are not completed and does not attract any extra charges. 

NOTE: In case you have even iota of doubt on the birth time, please speak to us before taking any decision of booking the appointment.

To know more about customised consultation, please call our office

For booking the Personal Appointments, you need to deposit Rs 1000/- to block the session timing & the balance payment after completing the session. For booking the Skype / Telephonic Appointments, you need to pay the total fee prior to the appointment.

Payments can be made Online, in our bank or Paytm, details of which are given as required.

We sincerely expect that people coming in our contact get the true experience of Vedic Astrology & we keep connecting with more people through good references.

For any other query please feel free to contact us.

Other expertise of Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Birth time rectification 

Past life analysis and readings

pre – marriage and post-marriage counselling 

Dr. Bajrangi in Astrology news on different social media handles

Dr. Bajrangi’s regular  Astrology articles  in leading Newspapers & Magazines.

Read his views on Marriage predictions, Business astrology, Career selection, Court cases, property issues, health astrology, loans and debts, Foreign settlement, Astrology for child issues, betting and gambling, Share Market astrology  ,Numerology, Vastu and all issues for which a person looks upon to an astrologer.

Amit Dec 28, 2019

over all Nice experienced with Dr. Bajrangiji and team.

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