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Shodasavarga Reading

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The whole zodiac or bhachakra has been divided in 12 equal signs, every division being called as a zodiac sign. Every zodiac is further divided into smaller fractions called “divisions”. These divisions or varga known as divisional charts are used for finer and more accurate predictions. In Vedic Astrology, there are sixteen divisional charts or shodash varga. Every divisional chart is meant for a specific purpose. For e.g. if we divide the whole zodiac sign into 9 equal parts, the chart derived is called navamsha chart. Now, the 30 degree span of a zodiac is further divided into 9 equal parts making it to be a precise and concentrated depiction of every house of the birth chart. The divisional charts help to get a clearer picture of life with minute focus on every aspect of life. It is like a microscopic view of any problem of life. Thus, every division has been given a name. In all there are 16 divisions which have been mentioned in ancient astrological texts. 

In Parashara and Bhrigu Vedic system of Astrology, lots of importance has been attached to shodashvarga. It is said that if an astrologer uses shodashvarga for making predictions, he/she can almost make 100% accurate predictions along with finding the exact cause of the problem in one’s life. A learned astrologer looks at the position of every planet in each of these shodashvarga to find out the actual strength, working, nature and final results of it. In the absence of deepest analysis, a planet may provide a deceptive picture!   

Different shodashvarga charts-

  1. Birth chart – It is the prime chart of an individual depicting all aspects of life. The chart is mainly concentrated on the physical well being of the native.

  2. Hora chart- This is seen for wealth and materialistic accumulation of the native.

  3. Drekkana chart- This chart is meant to see the happiness and struggles related to the life of your siblings. It gives detailed information about someone’s siblings.

  4. Chaturthamsa chart- This chart shows your luck.

  5. Saptamsha chart- This chart is seen for progeny and happiness derived from children.

  6. Navamsha chart- This is seen for marriage and spouse. This is basically the supporting and prime most important chart after the birth chart.  

  7. Dashmansa chart- This is a chart of someone’s career and work. Everything related to the career is predicted through this chart.

  8. Dwadshamsa chart- This is mainly seen for parents, their health and support in your life.

  9. Shodashamsa chart- This is seen for the happiness of vehicles and property in life.

  10. Vishamsha chart- This tells about someone’s spiritual progress.

  11. Chaturvishamsa chart- This is seen for education, higher education and everything related to it.

  12. Bhamsha chart- This tells about your strengths.

  13. Trishamsa chart- This indicates misfortunes in life.

  14. Khavedamsa chart- This chart is narrates the auspiciousness in life

  15. Akshvedamsa chart- This is seen for general well being of the native.

  16. Shashtiamsha chart- This is the smallest divison and has been given the highest weight age by the sages to get the focused view of all the above charts.  

The shodashvarga analysis gives the most accurate picture of life! All the hidden causes are revealed to help the native understand and relate with these through true awareness. The Shodashvarga helps the native-

  1. To get the more enhanced view of all planets and karakas to understand their true role 

  2. To correctly estimate the fate of every aspect of life

  3. Birth time rectification if any 

  4. To get aware about your past accumulated karmas and their results in present life

  5. To know the most effective karma rectification techniques to overcome detected troubles

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