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Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading  335

Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading

$ 26500.00

This service will be provided by Dr. Bajrangi himself. During this session, your birth credentials all the other concerned information is taken before the inception of the consultation, which he will examine in relation of the important divisional charts. Then, he will give out the reasons and the resolutions of the problems.

Through this reading, what you will  come to know?

  • You will know about the pattern of evolution and progress.
  • You will get to know about how to get sudden and secret wealth.
  • You can also know about your future births.
  • You can be aware of your accurate birth time.

Time span of this process

You need to spare at least eight hours in total hours (four hours each for two days) to get the most unique and detailed reading completed reading completed.